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Game Boy Longplay [181] X

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  1. このソフトすきでやりこみました

  2. Man, why the hell has this never been brought to the West? This game would've rocked our box.

  3. このソフト好きで何度もしたけど

  4. real time 3D on GB, what kind of sorcery is it?!! madness

  5. So y’all know, Smooth McGroove made me look up dis game!

  6. Morshu Man, the Shopkeeper Robot Master says:

    I know why you're here. Because of this: 21:54

  7. I watched this start to finish but hold on
    Where else have I heard 1:57:21 this tune???? Help me

  8. I know I've commented a lot, but I don't know Japanese so I just really want to make sure I have the plot of this game correct.
    From what I looked up on Wiki about it, I got:
    -Humanity is forced to find a home in space in some year (XXXX) due to overpopulation
    -They find a planet called Tetamus II that's similar to Earth
    -They go to live there
    -They bring with them a Power Crystal, a form of nuclear energy, and create the Nuclear Silo as storage
    -A ship transporting some of the Power Crystal gets destroyed by an alien fleet
    -The player goes to defend their planet from the aliens, who are using the Power Crystal to build their own space station
    -Said space station, if construction is complete, will destroy the home planet of the protagonist

    And so far I have gathered that
    -The first bit where you're riding around in some sort of vehicle is you gathering parts to enhance said vehicle, and build it into the prototype craft VIXIV
    -You eventually get flight capabilities when the VIXIV is complete, and you are informed of the Power Crystal just as it is intercepted by the aliens
    -You are given your mission: to stop the aliens from using the Power Crystal to build their space station
    -You go through tunnels under the ground to get to new areas that the aliens have invaded
    -You destroy said alien ships to retrieve new parts and pieces to enhance your vehicle, and to aid yourself in the mission to find the Power Crystal
    -When you find the Power Crystal, you have to make it back to the Nuclear Silo to save the planet, while defending it from more hostile aliens

  9. this looks like it needs a International release

  10. これは国際的なリリースが必要なようです

  11. これはなぜゲームボーイに置かれたのですか

  12. RIP Jah 💔 this game will live forever in your honor

  13. Impressive, the gameboy managed to squeeze out 3d graphics. Even if it runs like crap, I gotta give them credit for that.

  14. The music quality seems to have a stinger similarity to the themes in Metroid 2 (the old Gameboy version). This lends to credence to the VIXIV IV being the same one and this pilot in this game being related to Ian and Adam Malkovich of the various Metroid manga and Metroid: Other M. How interesting. Definitely my head cannon now with this game as a spin off of the Metroid games… 🙂

    Further because the attacking army is ambiguously described as just being an alien army, they could be viewed as Space Pirates raiding a human colony just they had done back on Zebes when Samus was a child.

  15. クリア初めて見ました😇ありがとうございます✨✨

  16. British programming man made their looks cool 3D game

  17. Gotta say, that's pretty damn impressive for a gameboy game! Individual music in many case, an actual sense of real mood, and variety in the missions. I'd play that in a heartbeat.

  18. This is pushing hardware limits
    And it runs pretty well too
    Theres super faceball but eh

  19. The best British developed Game Boy game Britain never recieved…

  20. Nice to see this game get acknowledgement in smash bros.

  21. It seems the developers of X Scape nerfed the missiles, because in X (this game) you can hold 8 missiles, but in X Scape you can only hold 3…

  22. And the HIGH-EX doesn't make an appearance in X Scape until the end

  23. I wonder just how far one could go in any direction till time runs out. Might be some easter eggs we don't know of to this day. 🙂

  24. This was made by Argonaut Games
    , a British company, who later made Star Fox. How come this game is Japanese only and was never released outside of Japan even though it's made by Brits??? Boggles me mind.

  25. Wow, didn't expect such graphics on old Gameboy!

  26. 司令官、顔回転しながら登場するのなんでだ・・・w

  27. This is Known as Lunar Chase in Europe


  29. This game was a sprite In super smash Bros And I was looking for a video what this game was but I finally founded It

  30. ネットなどなく攻略情報どころか周りにやってる人間も禄にいなかった1992年。友達から借りたこのゲームにドハマリしてクリア後も空飛びまくったり、どうやって教官殺すか試行錯誤して面白かった。たしか教官殺せたよね。

  31. There's rumors of game boy games coming to switch i hope they port this.

  32. KahlifLEGOGAMES - SuperGamingStudios says:

    The shortest video game title in the world! CHANGE MY MIND!

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