Game Boy Longplay [174] Aladdin -

Game Boy Longplay [174] Aladdin

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Played by: Ravenlord

Disney’s Aladdin is a platform video game based on the 1992 motion picture of the same name. It is one of several video games based on this film, including one game that was released in the same month by Capcom for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. –
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  1. depending on the mood, I was throwing apples or bombs. I still dont know what they are

  2. Hands down one of the worst video game ports of all time.

  3. Felt like I wanted my money back as a kid. Box art and everything but the game were great.

  4. Wow, apples don't respawn when you run out at the end boss fight. You can kill Jafar with a sword 😂😭.

  5. DandiFIRE Studios (Official Channel) says:

    Note: The nes version is different from this excellent Gameboy version, though some things like the parallax Scrolling was missing in the rug ride level (Gameboy) and some tracks were missing

  6. DandiFIRE Studios (Official Channel) says:

    31:06 – This is how Rug Ride will look like in the gameboy version

  7. DandiFIRE Studios (Official Channel) says:

    And there is something interesting, this game only plays four tracks, Arabic Nee Naw (Unused in the genesis version), One jump ahead, Level complete theme and the title theme. Strange?

  8. I remember playing this but never finished, because i cant tell anything due to the black and white

  9. DandiFIRE Studios (Unofficial Channel) says:

    A monochrome version of the game. Seems cool with the help of Super gameboy

  10. Just because you can, doesn't mean you SHOULD

  11. same levels chars,same game With colorless Sega Genesis aladdin

  12. It's like a cross between one of those tiger handheld games and a real game.

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