Game Boy Longplay [071] Mickey's Dangerous Chase -

Game Boy Longplay [071] Mickey’s Dangerous Chase

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I lol’d and cried. Lol’d and cried… –
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  1. i have a gameboy pocket in good condition that i still play this game on. love the balloon level the most

  2. i love how Goofy is the End of all the levels, like how did he get there so fast? BTW I played this game a Long time ago, but I never could beat the Boat Part of Stage 1…

  3. I played this on the Game Boy Color, and I loved seeing all the levels in the different color schemes. Inverted made it look like you were playing the game at night.

  4. this was my first gb game i got with the sytem

  5. Fun game! Only thing that holds it back from being a high tier Game Boy classic is probably the music, which is just ok. Capcom had a high standard for music in those days.

  6. Das Spiel hab ich als Kind super gerne gespielt


    Thank you Goofy, I'll try this next time I go camping. Such an edumacational game, y'all! 😀

  8. I love so very much game boy! It is best machine. Compact and simple game

  9. Regardless of the bullshit Happy Video Game Nerd said, this game was not made by Capcom.

  10. all i can say is wth is wrong with mickeys hand on the title screen

  11. I don't know… Somehow, it's always the same with those Disney games.

    a) Girl got kidnapped
    b) Something for a girl got stolen

    Okay, that actually goes for many games.

  12. I saw the preview image and thought of suicidemouse.

  13. Why did capcom stop their partnership with disney?

  14. One of the very few Gameboy games I had as a child. I still love it.
    The music is really well done.

  15. Wait..that bird was inside that present the whole time? 😛 That's sick.

  16. My god, I loved this one back then. 😀 I just got stuck and never finished it, which is a pity.

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