Game Boy Longplay [071] Mickey's Dangerous Chase -

Game Boy Longplay [071] Mickey’s Dangerous Chase

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I lol’d and cried. Lol’d and cried… –
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  1. Who knows. I've been hoping for years now for them to start another partnership with Disney, but it looks like Disney is content with SquareEnix for now.

  2. I guess I consider this to be my game in the same way that Lordkat considers Mega Man 2 to be his game. I've beaten this game multiple times and it never gets old. I attribute much of that to how well done the soundtrack is.

  3. it's been 24 years…. :,) since I've heard that music. Thank you! Childhood-nostalgia overload.

  4. It's funny, I actually found about this game by playing it on one of those bootleg cartridges that has 32 games in 1

  5. i fucking hated this game with a burning passion.. yet could not stop playing it.

  6. I loved this game… It was hard as hell. I don't remember myself finishing this one…. Friends would bring the GB cartridge and would play it at the park, but I don't think there was anyone who was able to finish this game. It was 1995, 1994 when we were playing this game. When I bought biohazard back in 1996, I juxtaposed Capcom's malicious creations with games like Mickey's Dangerous Chase, Goof Troop, etc….

  7. This game looks so cute! I never heard of this game as a kid.

  8. was pissed even as a kid, when i found out what that shitty present was…

  9. Hah, I remember this game! The way the enemies go kablooey! off the screen is beautiful. I never made it past the factory level.

  10. When I was a kid I failed to beat this game! Then when I turned into a teenager I finally won only to find out I did not like the ending!

  11. Capcom are a bunch of goddamn saddists 😁

  12. Anyone knows the cheat to open the level select menu? I found something on the net but I don't know how it works.

  13. reminds me of the NES Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers

  14. Why doesn't Goofy go get the present? He manages to get to the end of the level first each time.

  15. Nostalgia is real strong right now. I never actually beat the game though but I made it to the factory level.

  16. Remember kids, it's fine to jump on a bear's back, but only when it's not looking!

  17. Looking back, the furthest I ever got was halfway at 22 minutes. This was such a difficult game. I even played it when I got older but still wasn't able to finish it. The gameplay wasn't that fun either (compared to other games). Felt very slow.

  18. Hello, there was a game of a small cute car. It had eyes, had to jump on trucks. I cant find this game. What was its name? Could you upload it?

  19. this is just chip n dale's rescue rangers for nes, except it's mickey

  20. I’m an early 2000s kid and I remember playing this on my hand me down gbc…

    The early 2000s were a wild time to be alive 😔

  21. 35:36 I've never managed to reach this stage.
    For over 10 years, I suspected that Mickey&Minnie were chasing imaginary PETE and it was GOOFY who all worked behind the scenes…

  22. Goofy has teleport powers!
    Very nice music, I came searching for this game after the music of one of the levels came back to memory one day, I used to play this game as a little kid.

  23. Rather easy, but fun game from my childhood 🙂

  24. I never got passed the second level of the Industrial Area

  25. How do you record off a Gameboy? Unless it's an emulator and not an actual Gameboy?

  26. Super Mario Bros 2 vibes with the gameplay style

  27. So that's why Pete took it: He's a cat and he smelled what was inside.

  28. I never realized how microtonal the music was in this game.

  29. LW97 Nils Weber der Münchner im Himmel says:

    Remember that👍

  30. im 20 and i played this everyday when i was 10 soooo nice

  31. It has ? Block like in Super Mario Bros

  32. anyone else find it funny how Pete moves and attacks like Megaman?

  33. It's funny how the game is called Mickey's Dangerous Chase, yet the title screen says: "Mickey's Chase"

  34. It is one of the few video games published by Capcom and Kemco in the US and Japan, respectively.

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