Game Boy Longplay [056] Toy Story -

Game Boy Longplay [056] Toy Story

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  1. Its okay.. But reeeeaaaaaaly slow.

  2. I used to have this game for both the SNES and the Game Boy. Back in the day, I used to only play the first level of the Game Boy version because I didn't like playing the level after that.

  3. Amazing more enjoyable then snes lame version

  4. Evem the NES bootleg plays better than this, despite having less levels.

  5. Without color it looks like a nightmare to me

  6. You would think there was something wrong with your gameboy because this game is so damn slow

  7. This game is… creepy it's just so dark and empty theirs no color which takes away the joy in the game

  8. Yo, where's the sound?
    And why are my ears leaking some red fluid?

  9. Never took off my headphones so quickly.

  10. This looks like a bootleg…. maybe around Earthworm Jim 2's (GBA) levels of quality

  11. i remember i cannot beat this game back when i was a kid

  12. It’s not a bad port considering the limitations but yead,sadly those parallax 3D effects has been gone but the same feel has been maintained.

  13. Kids played this? Are you serious?

    They shouldn't… they shouldn't they should play the genesis version

  14. This is on GAME BOY?! Wow! This is the most graphicly impressive Game Boy game I've ever seen!

  15. Even the NES version is better than this.

  16. This was one of the first video games I ever played.

  17. Even at the time I remember this game being really shitty… And I was a child

  18. I have played this game several times and had fun with it. Seeing it now after 20 years it just looks so boring :') the movies are still doing it though

  19. Great port on the GB considering the hardware limits, better in the original screen., Love it

  20. 9:46 The original dinosaur run game I'd play while the internet was off.

  21. Donkey kong land 3 japanese verion is better than this game

  22. Damnn I scared soooo much on this game and the music oh my gosh

  23. That strange things music dont sound too bad

  24. This version cuts out a few missions, most background elements, the framerate seems slower, certain missions were changed up (the pizza planet one where you have to avoid the food for example), the audio is less clear (makes sense as it is on a Game Boy), we get a time limit to complete some of the missions So basically, this still looks like a decent remake, but some might be better off with the SNES, PC, or GENESIS verion instead.

  25. Is a physical cartridge copy able to be found?

  26. In the background you can see a mistake that there is a toy box labeled "Draughts" – this was developed by a UK studio, apparently they didn't know that in the US the game is called Checkers.

  27. This looks amazing to be gameboy game, the frame rate can be expected, they actually tried to port the snes version

  28. This port doesn't suffer from limitations. It suffers from the usual piss-poor programming from Tiertex.

  29. The Movie in 4K is wayyyyyyyyyyy better!

  30. I must admit, these graphics are pretty ambitious given the platform.

  31. Sometimes, porting 16 bit games to watered down 8 bit consoles don't always work out…

    And they seriously couldn't take the music from the 16 bit versions rather than reusing the same 3 OSTs over and over?

  32. This Is Just The Super Nintendo Game On The Game Boy Because To Me Almost Everything Looks The Same.

  33. This game looks fin but at the same time creepy

  34. It's not a horrible port, and I don't even consider it a bad one, but a lot of things were cut to make the game work. Why are there only 3 tracks, for example.

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