Game Boy Longplay [031] Mortal Kombat -

Game Boy Longplay [031] Mortal Kombat

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Played By: ScHlAuChi

OMG this port is so bad! – it runs so friggn slow that its even impossible to do special moves because it doesnt register them! –
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  1. 今見ると、BGMはGBでコレはすごいとおもった

  2. At least the graphical detail is Rich for the Game Boy and the music is just awesome. I purchased the real loose cartridge back when GameCrazy at Hollywood Video was still open a little over 12-13 years ago. Still play it to this day wondering how could they have messed up a potential Game Boy gem… The controls stink and the frame rate is too laggy for proper judgement of fighting moves. I compare it to the Genesis version my parents purchased long before I was born (and it still works even after being underwater in a basement flood!)… OUCH.

  3. Watch my channel. Posted all the finishers WITH the move list….

  4. Emphasis on he LONG part or long play. This video would be half the length if the game wasn't made with a bullet time-esque frame rate.

  5. I remember having a choice between this game and Link's Awakening. I am glad I chose Link's Awakening instead of this. 🤣😂

  6. Not sure if many knew, but, after beating the game there was a code you could put in to play as Goro. And you could also speed up the timer while playing as Goro.

  7. I bought this as a kid, mainly because I was a completist and had the SNES version as well, but this port (if you can call it that) was abominable.

  8. Was very enjoyable at the time the game gear version is better

  9. Dude this is fucking hilarious! I didn't know they had super slow mow bullet time uppercuts back then. I missed that somehow. Lol

  10. MK1 GB : Graphics goods, Songs Goods, Gameplay Bad

  11. Street fighter logro una adaptación mejor a gb que mortal kombat

  12. Attacks that fail to connect, even when you're right next to your opponent. Special moves that never want to work and a bland ending. MK1 for the Gameboy shall only remain on my shelf and never be played.

  13. I used to have this game my childhood but I was terrible at it

  14. Input the commands at a SLOOOOWWWWWW pace for the special moves and fatalities to work.

  15. I remember bringing this game to school in elementary school and it had gotten stolen out my bag. Btw, I wasn't mad due to how sh*t this game was.

  16. This game was adapted to Mortal Kombat 2021 movie, because NO Jhonny Cage.

  17. The only good things that came out of this is the music and you can play as goro but everything else SUCKS

  18. Watching this makes me appreciate having the crappy Genesis and SNES versions as a kid

  19. That was a very pleasant slideshow to watch.

  20. So there’s only 6 characters here, but in MK2 they had 8 characters? Hmmm that’s strange. Oh, and they put the spikes on top of the bridge on the Pit stage in this as well, even though it’s just 2 spikes on each edge of the stage.

  21. 0:24 omfg scorpion's eyes look so derped.lmfao sonya's eyes look like a black abyss.

  22. Oh my god this shit brings back so many memories I would play this fckin game in my gameboy when I was 4

  23. God this game brings back so many memories… 3rd grade in the lunchroom lol

  24. Como pode fazer uma lixeira dessa pra vender

  25. The music is the only thing i like about this


    Most Bad Ass Music I ever Heard on YouTube !

  27. لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله says:

    man this reminds me of the old mortal kombat and all of gameboy's games when I was a child I used to play on it

  28. Much better than MK4 on Game Boy Color

  29. you could have purchased zelda link's awakening or super mario land 2, but you bought this instead. 🙁

  30. I loved the music most better then snes version

  31. Bought this game with chore money as a kid… brings me back

  32. If you can’t get frame perfect hits with this game, you have CTE.

  33. Does Scorpion not have his spear on Game Boy?

  34. And too think people rather played a gameboy than the badass sega game gear 🤣

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