Game Boy Longplay [013] F-1 Race -

Game Boy Longplay [013] F-1 Race

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Played By: RickyC

F1 game featuring a few nintendo characters. –
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  1. I just remembered….it was mario and the gang you were racing. Bowser was 1st. then today then luigi…. and I think DK was the last.

  2. This game truly brings a lot of memories! I remember having to play this game when I was a kid.

  3. Why in the hell didn't I notice the mario characters in the game. I didn't even know it was a nintendo game back then.

  4. I remember playing this when I met Michael Jordan. I have a picture with him and I look all pissed off because I couldn't the first level.

  5. Man… Very first game I had when I was a kid…

  6. So wait. All the other characters from Mario and other Nintendo franchises make their appearance, save for one. I wonder… Wouldn't it be neat if the *player's* driver turned out to be…Yoshi? ;D

  7. @CrazyEurazion hoyl shit me too!!!! only im 23 🙂 hahahah

  8. @RamonRanke but also, if you are chubby, hairy, or have a long sword, you can get all the chicks too lol

  9. all the brutes who care about only speed choose type B, but all the strategists who want to win choose type A

  10. my first game when i was about 6 years old..good times

  11. it's like we were driving a real car, sound is so close from reality.

  12. Yeah i love this game, i often made competitions with a friend, for the best lap times. i practiced so much i got a best lap time in japan 0:59:50 which i thought was unbeatable for him cause he often crashes. i left the game about one week. when i visited him, he grinned.. his time 0:59:49. AGH!

  13. How do u get the boost to work towards the end of the rave

  14. is it weird that I heard the music in my head before I clicked on the video?

  15. It's funny, I'm looking at these lap times and after all these years I'm like, yep that's what I had. When I grew up with this I was always wondering who was the first guy you had to best and was rather shocked when it was Bowser. I still believe to this day Samus should of been last for the sole fact she has that Arm cannon.

  16. one of the best racing games of all time very addictive i have had this game for years still works fine i love this game i love the turbo on this game you have to use it wiseley if you can use it to win by all means use it and sometimes the computer can cheat so if can find any way to win go for it the music in this game is great overall i give this game 10 out of 10 better than some of the modern racing games today

  17. My copy of f1 race won't work! It reads nintendo and then freezes plz help! What can I do? All my other games work fine!

  18. I played this game so many times when I was a kid 🙂 Good memories. Thx for this movie bro 😉

  19. I use to own this game. I didn't know it was made by Nintendo

  20. I always lost in Portugal and could never complete the game xD

  21. never got to win this game, good old times.

  22. I need dig up my old gameboy and buy this game… Lol'd at the bikini chicks

  23. Kers = Jet; DRS= car gaining speed behind adversary :p 

    Nintendo knows the future

  24. コース5は正しく、鈴鹿だな。この頃のゲームにしてはレイアウトよくできるな。ヘアピンといい、スプーン、130Rといい。

  25. Had this as a kid, could never beat Egypt. Was always fun though. 😀

  26. Fun factoid, you can actually play this in 4 player using the 4-player adapter. Could never find other folks who had it though.

  27. Huh, I didn't know Link, Pit, & Samus cameo'd in this game with the Mario characters. For that matter surprised to see DK to who was kinda obscure at the time this game out. The same characters cameo'd in the NES version of "Tetris."

  28. As a kid, did anyone else use to make the Gameboy screen lighter to make it look like the girls at the end of the race were topless? lol

  29. il mio gioco su gameboy pocket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Uno dei miei giochi per GameBoy. Ricordi.

  31. just bought 4 copies of the game and 4 players adapter for epic fun 🙂

  32. ちゃんがーな says:

    あ〜、 これ大好きだった

  33. Old games have a climate. These one I also finished on my own channel 😉

  34. Graphics so good I almost forgot this was gameplay footage

  35. Please do a longplay of the original Wave Race, for Game Boy. There is no longplay video of this game here on youtube… Please…

  36. 個人的にはTYPE Aの方が使いやすかった

  37. Played a shit ton of this game when I was a kid but I was never very good. The little chicanes like the one at the bottom of the USA track always gave me trouble.

  38. Haven't played this in like 25 years, I remembered it had good music

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