Game Boy Longplay [004] Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land -

Game Boy Longplay [004] Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land

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Played By: RickyC

I love wario! This game is full of awesomeness. I used save states for the gamble game so i had enough coins at the end to get the best ending, instead of spending an hour or so redoing levels till I had enough. –
Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!


  1. I lent this game from my neighbor and it was my all time favorite Game boy game next with pokemon!

  2. This was the very first video game I ever played and now I know that it's also the most nostalgic of them all. Thank you Nintendo

  3. I remember play this game since I was around six or seven…

  4. When I got my Yellow Gameboy Color on my 6th birthday, this was the first game that went with it. Love it still!

  5. I finished this game a million times and knew every secret. It was so much of my childhood!

  6. One of the first Game Boy games I completed and a true advert for the system. Over here in England we were definitely Sega country but the Game Boy was THE handheld system to have.

    Still a big of Wario games and the whole character because of this game.


    Wario was appeared on March 12, 1972 as the Underground Crew Worker in Pipe Plumber Arcade game.

  8. 2:32:21 FINALLY! Wario finded the Moon of the Mario Bros.! IT ROCKS!!!!

  9. Oh the nostalgia, I want to play it again and that wario game which you don't "die" just get statusses like getting flattend

  10. Alter Wario sieht aus wie ein Türkischer Bauarbeiter aus den 80gern mit schnauz des todes

  11. I still have this kind of game and still working….it brings back old times playing this…

  12. For infinite coins and life… pause the game, hold the "B" button then press the "Select"button 15 times…the cursor will appear on the left side of the zero life 1st digit…

  13. Memories deep routed inside in playing my gameboy. So many batteries for that giant thing

  14. When it comes to ending scene, reminded me of Mario galaxy. If they can make Wario galaxy, how do you think?

  15. Start + 16x Select, the godfather of cheats 😂

  16. When I was a youngin, I thought Mario was a bit too much of a goody two shoes but Wario got respect from me the moment I started playing this game…good times 😙

  17. Thank you Nintendo for making our childhood life complete

  18. Not only might this be the best Gameboy game, I'd argue it might be in the top 10 of the early-to-mid 90s. You wouldn't expect games on a portable to be as good as what was offered on consoles during this time but I'd say this game could give most others up-to-that point a run for their money, monochromatic graphics and all.

  19. That remind me at the old times 😉😁

  20. 2:32:23 When You Complete The 2022-2023 School Year And Graduated High School

  21. I remember getting this for Christmas when it came out

  22. I played this game in the begins of 2000s Now I am 22 and still virgin

  23. To this day I’m still baffled by the title of this game. “Super Mario Land 3” … What does Mario have to do with any of this though?! Is it because of his cameo at the end when he snatches your statue?!

  24. Wonder why they had no color for this game …

  25. Holy fuck, looking back at these graphics makes me feel ancient. The adrenaline I felt fighting that last boss was off the charts.

  26. I have the original game and i play it today too

  27. 9:58 course 3 passage secret
    21:39 course 1(bis) 3Up
    22:45 course 3(bis)Lettre A
    26:32 course 7 3Up
    32:27 course 14 Sherbet Land
    42:37 course 17 lettre E
    49:10 course 16 lettre D
    53:40 course 18 lettre F
    1:00:50 course 8 lettre B
    1:07:50 course 11 lettre C
    1:14:00 course 20 lettre G
    1:22:00 course 22 lettre H
    1:28:50 course 26 lettre I
    1:40:00 course 29 lettre J
    1:44:30 course 30 lettre K
    1:51:40 course 32 ❗
    1:53:40 course 31 lettre L
    2:01:40 course 34 lettre M
    2:13:00 course 36 lettre N
    2:20:20 course 39 lettre O

  28. how can wario chase down a pirate ship in a tiny little row boat?

  29. Do you guys remember Wario Land? Incredible, incredible.

  30. Um do you guys remember wario land? incredible incredible

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