Game Boy Longplay [004] Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land -

Game Boy Longplay [004] Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land

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Played By: RickyC

I love wario! This game is full of awesomeness. I used save states for the gamble game so i had enough coins at the end to get the best ending, instead of spending an hour or so redoing levels till I had enough. –
Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!


  1. Jesus, I was only a 2 year old when this came out.

  2. Does anyone remember the hack where you have to hold start and press select button 15 times or something? It gives you free selection of hats and hearts I think.. I remember as a kid I hate being interrupted when I’m counting the select button presses lol
    Update: read comments below and it’s apparently 16 times lol I’m surprised I’m still not too far off tho it’s gotta been like 15 years or something since I last played the game

  3. Wario Is Right! we Want to Be Rich

  4. Showing my kids the very first game I fully completed 100%

  5. I remember that our friend was giving away a BUNCH of games and this was one of them. We never noticed it but it was so much fun. My sister and I use to fight over it

  6. While Mario and Wario coexist in the same universe, I love the artistic choices for Wario's games. The characters, enemies and even locations are much more creative and wacky than those of Mario's games.

  7. even as a kid, I always thought it was weird a genie would only grant you one wish, and then expect to be paid for granting said wish….regardless, still a great game , so many fun memories.

  8. One day many years ago I turned this game off without knowing it would be the last time.

  9. I am revisiting this game after many years on my original Gameboy. I cant save anymore and therefore I am going to have a nervous breakdown. Why is this happening?

  10. Oh man i remember raging so much at that game just because i was nearly at the end and the batteries would die xD.

  11. Still have that game with my 20 years old gameboy 😀

  12. Loved this game and completed it without TOO much difficulty. But what I never understood was why Game Boy Mario games were so much easier than Mario 3 on the NES, which was seemingly IMPOSSIBLE!

  13. Hey guys! Here's a secret cheat:

    -Pause the game
    -Press Select 16 times
    -When you see the clear box blinking, press Up + A to get extra lives, coins, hearts, and time remaining.
    -To move to the next selection, press Right + A.

    This'll make things easier.

  14. I rather use different power-ups instead of sticking with the same thing.

  15. I remember borrowing this game from a friend, coming home after school, popping it in… and beating it on my very first try. Usually I am not the kind of gamer to beat any game easily, but the difficulty level of this one is very low indeed. It's still a pretty cool game, and of course I just recently learned that there are various endings. I propably got to see the worst ending possible, lol.

  16. omg nostalagie miss those grazy days 😀

  17. I couldn't finish this game as a kid. I'd like to see a child of today play this, are their gaming skills better than us 90s kids?

  18. Everytime I played this game on my Gameboy back in the day, angels would literally come down from Heaven and sing while I was playing. This was beautiful. This was my childhood, and this was absolutely fun!

  19. How nervewrecking it was for a 6 y/o to get to the genie and beating him.

  20. a vga with a 9.8 rating could cost 50k us dollars just sayin

  21. I didn't have money to buy a gameboy as I was a kid, but a friend of my brother had it and lend It to me so I could experience it. I remember this was the game which I played on my brother's friend gameboy and had great times with it.

  22. The 100% ending is exaggerated. Why do you get a planet with your face on it but no castle to live in.

  23. My cousin had this for game boy pocket and I played it a lot even if I was so young and didn't understand anything

  24. 2:27:24 Wario says "WTF?", and it's so cute when he make his tiny arms up, just to reafirm what i said xD :3

  25. I played this a long time ago when I was a little kid?

  26. Yeah best childhood game got it from Dubai airport

  27. I played this game so damned much, that I got tired of it after awhile.

  28. One of the best games in the Gameboy.

    It felt like a rpg to me more than a 2d sider

  29. I remember i played trough this games over 100 times and never got 100% score, missed 1 secret on a map i never found to this day

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