Game Boy Longplay [003] Fortress of Fear: Wizards & Warriors X -

Game Boy Longplay [003] Fortress of Fear: Wizards & Warriors X

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Played By: RickyC

Im not playing this because its a good game, just one i kept playing when i was a kid. RAWWWWWWR –
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  1. when you get highscore and entered your name as "W♥W" you will start the next game with 6 lives.

  2. The birdy at about 8:00 was always dead end for me. I actually thought the game was broken because it could take so many hits 😀
    Loved this game!

  3. The only release of this series I played through as a kid. Great game.

  4. The endboss theme is fucking hilarious! Pure Death Metal!!

  5. Hard game, great tune, was a good childhood. Well played! 🙂

  6. "The evil Malkil awaits to vent his wrath upon thee" – epic, classic and just cool

  7. the intro music is awesome, but from then on, a tale of endless frustration and misery begins.

  8. I wish I could go back to that time. Would do so many things right.



    Read that in Strong Bad's voice for some reason.

    Game was awesome by the way, so rewarding when I finally finished it as a kid.

  10. Yikes what a nightmare. And people like to shit on Wizards & Warriors III for being different. Looks like there are some enjoyable things in this game, but altogether I don't think I need it after watching this. Cute.

  11. this and Batman were my first game boy games, THE NOSTALGIA

  12. I have lost chapters in my series which is why I want a comeback in the future.

  13. The death music was so creepy in this game.

  14. You deserve a medal, this game is so frustrating.

  15. I played to it so many times, never saw level 5… Thank you !

  16. Now i'm interessted … who got a real one ?
    Man i used so many batterys to play this game ….
    and… never finshed it till today

  17. Used to play this with my late father, he finished it once I never managed to kill the final boss. and now here I am, at 3 AM with a nostalgia filled heart and a bit of sorrow

  18. Oh those memories. Still have the game and the GameBoy. The music has the same effect on me as for (what is it now) maybe 25 years ago. A lot of stress and frustration but I did beat the game eventually.

  19. After 20 years I finally get to know.
    So this is how 1-1 looks like…

  20. Nice game, but I had forgotten how annoying the 1st level's music was.

  21. Excellent play through. I’m convinced that as a boy I never got any farther than about 8 minutes deep.

  22. Love the menacing boss music! Megadeth would be proud!

  23. The first time I managed to play this game was through emulation, because I had never picked it up for my Gameboy as a kid. While some of the music is pretty decent and carries a style that's familiar to Ironsword and the original game, the gameplay in this one really turned me off of it. It's just so insanely difficult.

    I do get a kick out of the reverse flying eagles in the fourth area though.

  24. add me to the list of kids who went through stacks of Toshiba batteries, yet never went past the second boss.

  25. The main theme just blasted me back in time 💚💚💚
    Best time of my life ✔️

  26. When i was a kid i thought "Thou" was his name..

  27. I remember taking advantage of a 1-Up loop in this game somewhere. It only helped so much because as I recall the game capped lives at 9, but it did eventually help me see the game through to the end.

  28. I never made it past the chicken boss lol. GG 🙂

  29. Ouch, this made me realize how far I never made it. Was really hard when you were like seven years old 😀

  30. PLEASE tell me that somebody played this theme on a guitar

  31. Omg I can’t believe I just found this… been looking for this for years cause I forgot the name! That intro song tho!😭🙌🏻 ahhh the memories💕

  32. Gameboy souls..i dont know who lent this to me but i never gave it back.still have it..never beat it. Loved the secret areas

  33. Pretty decent for a black and white game from 1989. I like the isometric styled walls and floors.

  34. I loved this game back when I was a kid! But I don't remember that music to be that goddamn annoying 😀

  35. This was the first game I rage-traded in. I was 7!

  36. Man i loved that title screen music as a kid. But i never beat the first boss.

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