Game Boy Longplay [003] Fortress of Fear: Wizards & Warriors X -

Game Boy Longplay [003] Fortress of Fear: Wizards & Warriors X

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Played By: RickyC

Im not playing this because its a good game, just one i kept playing when i was a kid. RAWWWWWWR –
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  1. This brings back memories. This game is epic, I don't know which of my 10 original DMG consoles to play it on. ☺

  2. so much try on this game …. for the lvl 1 🙁 i never see the second .

  3. That jump into the skeleton mouth, ruined my childhood.

  4. I totally forgot this game until now. I loved this back then! thx for the upload! 🙂

  5. Nice bits of childhood memories. Malkil looks like Palpatine, any family connections there?

  6. I just had a crazy wave of nostalgia!!! Completely forgot about this game but I did play it as a kid. Wow.

  7. Seriously epic this game finally I could see the end of this game, I could never pass it, excellent.

  8. Muy difícil cuando era pequeño. Lo recuerdo sobretodo por la música del título.

  9. este fue uno de los primeros juegos que jugue del game boy, en la actualidad intento pasarlo y no puedo. no se como le hice de pequeño para pasarlo todo.

  10. 30 years later and it's embarrassing to see how little progress I actually ever made with this game.

  11. While the NES version was the easiest in the trilogy apart from some challenges from Iron Sword and W&W3 with it's unfair lack of continues!!! The Game Boy version might be the toughest and most insane version around?! There was a good game trying break out of the hardware here but the blurring and the toughness of this version here. What we need here a color hack rom version of this?! It'll really bring the game out!!! Actually going to play this again at 42 because at 12 in 1990 it was too much!!! Now I want insane challenges!!!

  12. I still remember one little Password in order to get 6 Lives. W heart W 🙂

  13. Great game, great music but so hard. Projectiles and ememies are coming from all over. Even as a teenager I never made to finish it.

  14. I smashed my Gameboy twice attempting to finish this game. I never completed it.

  15. That music at the end just before you see the end boss lol…it's so Crazy Train by Ozzy haha

  16. This is great game, but its hard as hell. Great soundtrack too.

  17. What a relief to read that so many others never managed to finish that game either!

  18. "Mom, can we have Dark Souls?"
    "We have Dark Souls at home."
    Dark Souls at home:

  19. ZAP! POW!
    Never beat this game, thank you for this.

  20. Just started playing this again with an emulator…I am worse more now than I was then lol

  21. I bought this game for a 0,50 € cents

  22. You: months of pain, blood, sweat and tears to finally memorize all the sequences, pass all levels and beat Malkil

    Fortress of Fear: Congratulations

  23. This evil Malkil really has an anger management problem

  24. Ich hab das Spiel geliebt😍😍😍Fürs Nintendo switch gibt es das Spiel nicht oder??

  25. THE MUSIC in this game is god tier

  26. One of THE best soundtracks in gaming ever imo

  27. I remember this one so well. Incredibly hard and jumping had some kind of "jelly" feeling.

  28. Yes have played i dith game

  29. Version of game fortress of fire big fligemouse was

  30. By three mal shoot or beat game by game boy

  31. Tout ça pour ca!!!
    Ça fait 30 ans que je meurs lamentablement dans le labyrinthe du level 5… tout ça pour qu’il fasse un câlin vite fait à sa princesse… puis rideau !!!

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