Game Boy Light Review -

Game Boy Light Review

Austin Evans
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In this video I review the Nintendo Game Boy Light, one of the rarest Game Boys of all time. The Game Boy Light was released in 1998 just in Japan and went on to sell only a few thousand units before being replaced by it’s successor the Game Boy Color which bowed only a few months later. The Game Boy Light was unique in the fact that it has a backlit screen allowing you to play Game Boy games in the dark or in places with less than optimal lighting.

Today the Game Boy Light is quite difficult to find outside of Japan and any working model will be worthy many many times more than what a comparable Game Boy Pocket is valued at today.


  1. I have just seen a game boy light on EBay for $599

  2. goddamnit !!!! i saw one like 5 years ago… boxed in a shop and couldnt afford it!

  3. How much did you get yours for? I am currently bidding on one for 56$

  4. Do they play American GameBoy games or just Japanese?

  5. @duncan33303 Ok thanks, I might actually get one, depending on the price…

  6. Im looking for one but not in a big hurry lol!
    I just want it in my collection!
    Again,Thank God for the GBSP ;0)

  7. Gamboy Adavance SP has a frontlight NOT backlight. . . . just sayin.

  8. @XwaD666 Actually there are two models of the GBA SP, one with a front light and one with a back light.

  9. @duncan33303 Yes, but the back lit models are not common and are not typically seen, btw I liked your video a lot :).

  10. Gameboy had a great thing going on with being able to play games portable and only use 2 AA batteries. But the screen was small and had no color till the gameboy color and still had no backlight till game boy advance sp.
    then theres the sega game gear.
    came out first, had a big screen, had backlight and color, looked as if u were still playin ur genesis on tv but one problem the handheld used up to 6 AA batteries at a time!!!!!! and only lasted 3 hours of playing.

  11. @XwaD666 A second one was released with backlight.

  12. can you plug GameBoy-GameBoy Light/pocket together? with a link calbe of GameBoy?

  13. @aqwTVpriestNender Its actually pretty fun once you get farther into it.

  14. @TheMrminimario Yes, you can connect any Gameboys together as long as they have a compatible game.

  15. If I got a gameboy light with 9/10 condition, how much can I sell it?

  16. i just got a silver one in peak condition, for only $106 bux

  17. Well not better graphic capabilities, just a better understanding of the hand held through prior experience, basically pokemon silver and gold could run on a original gameboy, just without color, not saying that it does, but in theory it could

  18. You said there wasn't a Gameboy that had a backlight until the GBA SP, but that's actually not entirely correct. The GBA SP backlit model wasn't released until 2005, and the original Nintendo DS was released in 2004. So technically the DS is the second handheld with the backlight next to the GB Light.

  19. It also had a far better framerate thanks to a faster processor and more RAM.

  20. I hear a Gameboy color can't have a backlight modded to it, only a frontlight.

  21. i bought a gameboy sp from ebay vienna-autstria will it be in english?

  22. actually the motion blur with fast movement & framerate in the gameboys before the color wasn't a cpu or ram but in the lcd controller itself the DMG/pocket lcd controller had a slower refresh rate than its sync rate i think causing a slower frame rate or motion blur with fast movements

  23. do a review of all off your game boy games

  24. OMG. I saw this at a flee market for 3 dollars!!. I thought it was a fake. Until I saw this video….

  25. I never knew that the Gameboy Light was so rare and that it was sold only in Japan. I have a fairly beaten GB Light that I've had since it was released (I'm not from Japan). It's been through quite a bit to be at the state it is now but I still play original Gameboy games on it from time to time.

  26. I remember telling my friends about the gameboy light back in elementary school, and they thought I was making it up, and I got laughed at for being a liar :c

  27. it would be the language of the game itself. the only thing you should notice is the writing on the decals and the startup logo

  28. this is the only remaining gb to complete my collection, but i won't pay 200 bucks for a gb!!

  29. i know this is a old video, but IM SUBSCRIBING!

  30. What is the difference between frontlight and backlight?

  31. the backlight looks better and is much brighter, frontlights are less high quality

  32. I wanted to get the gameboy light but i couldn't find it on amazon so i got the gameboy colour instead

  33. Hey I have pokemon yellow too but the save battery is dead

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