Game Boy Light Review -

Game Boy Light Review

Austin Evans
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In this video I review the Nintendo Game Boy Light, one of the rarest Game Boys of all time. The Game Boy Light was released in 1998 just in Japan and went on to sell only a few thousand units before being replaced by it’s successor the Game Boy Color which bowed only a few months later. The Game Boy Light was unique in the fact that it has a backlit screen allowing you to play Game Boy games in the dark or in places with less than optimal lighting.

Today the Game Boy Light is quite difficult to find outside of Japan and any working model will be worthy many many times more than what a comparable Game Boy Pocket is valued at today.


  1. would eBay be good for the game boy color? please answer.

  2. Who cares about the sp old school is what i like best

  3. AAAAAA THESE R SO EXPENSIVE I cant afford one till January

  4. the older ones had a frontlight. the newer ones had a backlight

  5. Yes but the backlit version is far less common. Your typical Gameboy Advance SP is front lit.

  6. I got some pcs of the LED Front light for my game boys series and changed the back light into a front light, it was a great. haha~

    The online store is aliexpress(dot)com/store/406029

    Hope this will be helpful for you to DIY the back light.

  7. how much did you buy your gameboy light Austin? I see the regular price for GBL on ebay is around $90. Is it worth it?

  8. Does the gameboy light work with American games

  9. i only saw one on ebay its 207 pounds i want it bad but i have no money

  10. mines in perfect doncition except theres a small puncture in the screen -_- you cant see it when playing with the brightlight on, but the fact its there is annoying. still good for my collection though

  11. I'm trying to buy one of these do you have to use Japanese gameboy games

  12. i have a game boy light, from japan, the easy way to get some, is if some body there buy it for you and send it later…..

  13. Where can I find the shell of a gameboy light? Anyone?

  14. Woah did Austin have like a Southern accent back then?! He sounds so much different.

  15. it's not a backlight it uses electroluminescent

  16. well i guess the Gameboy light is extra thicc

  17. very nice Game Boy Light I just ordered one for my brother for his birthday ! 😎

  18. im gonna save up money to get the pokemon version of this

  19. I remember that but I remember having a gameboy with a light it wasn't a SP it looked like those idk what it was

  20. I was so little back then i didnt know what gameboy i had now i am guessing what gameboy i have
    edit: after he said gameboy Sp i remembered playing games i finally know which gameboy i had

  21. Shit Still compared to led and bi mod backlit display on game boy dmg

  22. Awesome video!

    Thank you so much for creating doing a great review, OP!

    God bless you, sir!

  23. however was it region locked? as in if i put in a American pokemon yellow game in the game boy light would it play?

  24. That speech impediment…
    The GameBoy Liight!

  25. Agreed on that light thing at the end. I've seen lots of "as is" models on ebay for much lower prices, all because the backlights stopped working. Without a backlight, the Game Boy Light is just a Pocket with double the battery life.

  26. I wonder why the gameboy light is slim not only the gameboy light the gameboy color is also slim

  27. I had no idea that this was an Austin Evans video, I was just trying to see if the Gameboy could have U.S. games in English.

  28. are there built in games?

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