Game Boy Games You Played in 1990 - 37 games! -

Game Boy Games You Played in 1990 – 37 games!

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Nintendo’s Game Boy saw major success when it was released in 1989 but 1990 saw so many of the classic games still loved today. Here’s a look at a lot of Game Boy games released in 1990. 37 of them, to be exact.

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  1. Fall of the foot clan is my favorite game boy game! That game was fun as hell!

  2. Im surprised you didnt compare cosmotank to jackal considering how much you love some jackal

  3. Gargoyle's Quest was my favourite GB game. I still have my OG Game-Boy that I got for Christmas the year it came out in NA but gave my games away nearly 15 years ago.

  4. Wow, I used to play Bubble Ghost, but I had completely forgotten that game. The only Game Boy games I remembered playing back then were Super Mario Land and Boxxle (I am sure I played Tetris, but I was never a big fan of it). When I saw that gameplay though, it came flooding back. Thank you John for the forgotten memory.

  5. I got GB for Xmas 89’ and only ended up getting two games for it. Tetris and Nemesis. Honestly I wasn’t a huge GB fan. It was pretty primitive, even for back then.

  6. Loved watching your MJR video for the Game Boy a few years back. Glad to see you do another one 🙂

  7. Brother man, I appreciate these trips down memory lane! Pummeling me with the nostalgia, and I wouldn't have it any other way.🤓😁❤

  8. For Qix, if you capture 99% you get a Qix and a 50, 000 point bonus.

  9. Oh man, Cosmotank is so good. Loved that one.

  10. Please keep doing this Gameboy series through the years. It's truly awesome!

  11. I got my gameboy by a happy accident. Someone left theirs on a city bus and I kept it, along with Tetris, Fist of the North Star, and Final Fantasy Legend.

  12. John, your video's has gotten really good. Camera work, quality, presentation everything is just looking so good now. Keep it up and good luck! Your on par now with Metal Jesus. Did you get tips from Jason? 😀

  13. I graduated high school in 1990, then went into the military. After Bootcamp, my Gameboy was my best friend and great for on the Go! I started out with tons of Golf ⛳️, Tetris, Gargoyles quest and more!

  14. 6 games at inital release… I counted 5 tetris, sml, tennis, baseball, alley way… am I missing one because I'm unaware of any other north American title… unless canada didn't release a game which I don't see why.

  15. Great overview. I have over half the ones you mentioned plus more. 1990 had 60 games released. I have almost 30 of them in my collection right now. Slowly working on completing 1990. 1989 was easy as it only had a handful. Some other notable games were Paperboy, Pipe Dream, and Side Pocket.

  16. with all due respect, what’s the deal with the thumbnail

  17. Kwirk is so damn good. Such a brilliant car trip game back in the day

  18. Recently played Operation C on Gameboy and beat it was a great ride!!!!!

  19. You may not have cared about the original Golf but that was a great game. The physics were really well done, and it kept the top 5 scores of the two courses. My brother and I would always try to beat each other's score.

  20. When I got the Gameboy, it mainly had shytty games. Tetris, Mario, Zelda (like's awakening), Double Dragon, and Final Fantasy (III) was alright. Pokemon was a game changer.

  21. I had/have a handful of these. Just seeing them makes me remember the music too- funny what's hiding in the dusty corners of your brain 😄

  22. wow, that might be the best year of releases on any console.

  23. A must see video for any fans of the OG Gameboy! Great video John

  24. Fun, nostalgic video – especially as an early Game Boy owner! Would have been nice to have grades for each game, but all good.

  25. Dude, why did you Show these Games in black and white?! I mean come on!

  26. I am beyond words. In 1990 I was 8. I received my GameBoy for my birthday in Nov '89. I was a German army brat living in Texas. Due to this circumstance my parents and those of my classmates had a bit of expendable income. I remember each and every one of the games you presented. Either because they are still in my attic or because one of my classmates had it and we would switch constantly. You even brought back suppressed memories with Catttrap, Hankieyo Alien, Quarth and Mercenary Force. The short music samples let me know I played them many an hour back in the day.
    Mid '91 I moved back It was never the same again.

  27. When I was little I had a lot of these games on a pirate cartridge which had a button on it to switch games. Has anyone ever seen one of those?

  28. I've never even heard of Penguin Wars.
    That game looks fun

  29. Stop playing about you know that T-shirt your wearing is fecking awesome. All we wanna know is how much does it cost and where can every human get one?

  30. I absolutely love that Batman game. It's my all time favourite of the franchise before Arkam asylum and Arkham city rewrote the rules. Still a super fun game to check out. Although I will say that the Batwing level is crazy difficult.

  31. Big deal I still own my working game boy, nes, snes, Atari 2600 intellivision and Cablevision

  32. Only good games were pipe dream and gargoyles quest.

  33. Kwirk hahahahah yes! I woulda forgot about that one hahahahah thanks

  34. Oh man, I absolutely love the old school Game Boy!

  35. Flip pull was called “Plotting” in the arcades but the puzzle and you’re blobby avatar are switched around😅

  36. Interesting🤔, except for fist’s of the northstar, every game they mention that I didn’t play, I also have never heard of😕.

  37. John this is a solid video. I’ve been wanting to get back into gameboy, I’m thinking of going back to basics and getting a dmg (I’ve had many other gameboys in the past) so this video was great for me. Also, you strangely look exactly like my Dad to the point that I do a double take every time I see one of your thumbnails pop up on my reccomended 😂

  38. As someone born in the late 2000s, i can confirm i played these in 1990

  39. Hal.
    Oooooh that hal!

  40. I remember playing a Gameboy puzzle game that revolved around positioning mirrors/reflectors and making a path for light or some beam to travel to a predefined point to finish the level. Don't remember the title of it.

  41. love trhose creative puzzle games. We need more of that this days.

  42. Wow I didn’t realise the game boy lasted so long…. No WONDER I missed out 😂

    Because by the time I wanted one, the DS came along and the GB was old news


  43. when you realise EVERYONE here is older than you 😅

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