Game Boy Color Review -

Game Boy Color Review

Austin Evans
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In this video I review the Nintendo Game Boy Color system. When it was released the Game Boy Color was a huge step forward from the original Game Boy with improved graphics, a color screen as well as features such as the infrared link port.

Nintendo Game Boy Color Kiwi GBC CGB-001 Review


  1. Just ordered mine. Be at my place tomorrow. So excited. 😀😀😀😬😬😬😬

  2. Is this this color the first color for gbc?

  3. me, i asked for a for a gameboy color for christmas this year

  4. i have a flash cart ,the oringinal pokemon red ,pokemon gold and batman forever

  5. How can you review a handheld without showing any gameplay? Dislike

  6. I prefer to play my gbc games on the actual system.

  7. oh thanks man! im buying a gameboy color with pokemon red

  8. The Gameboy Color brings back so many memories. My brothers had one and one of them passed a Teal GBC down and i still have it today. I just purchased the same one off ebay along with Pokemon Gold, Silver and Green. I'm excited to relive some exciting GBC while I'm suffering in high school.


  10. Your American accent compared to 2017 has changed ALOT

  11. My dad bought me one and I would always play it on the bus to school

  12. How come a 18 year old portable gaming device have a headphone jack, and my 2017 iPhone 7 doesn't?

  13. You forgot about teal the best number in the alphabet

  14. Did the Gameboys get burned?!

  15. Wait Duncan was ur old acc wait what wha ?

  16. will work if you use the gba cartrigde in gbc

  17. The second GBC cartridge is not solid, and lacked a notch. This returned for the Game Boy Advance cartridges in 2001.

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