Game Boy Color Review -

Game Boy Color Review

Austin Evans
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In this video I review the Nintendo Game Boy Color system. When it was released the Game Boy Color was a huge step forward from the original Game Boy with improved graphics, a color screen as well as features such as the infrared link port.

Nintendo Game Boy Color Kiwi GBC CGB-001 Review


  1. Why is this being recommended to me in 2018?

  2. This video is 8 almost 9 years old from this comment this is my childhood I'm 20 and still have love for retro games rather than new ones

  3. I can just play gameboy games on my phone with an emulator

  4. Im to correct you but its 16 colours not 50,000 sorry.

  5. I've got one question. Maybe it sounds stupid, but I just want to know. Are there some special games which are meant just for GBC and the others for GBP? Or I can use the both kind of games for both? I want to buy myself a GBC and are there just games special for this edition? Can someone, please, tell me😊

  6. Iyoutohavigamboyitwasthenewperpleoneiliktobyinotherone

  7. Im 36 n i had a gameboy when i was a kid n i loved it..mario bros games…im gonna buy one just to relive them good times..thanks

  8. Hey! The Gba Sp charger works on Gameboy Color!

  9. Not cheap anymore LOL!!!!! Cost 50$ plus takes in Canada

  10. The memorial of the gb color before Austin’s house burned down

  11. I'm not trying to be rude but he just compare a Game Boy to an iPhone a twenty-year-old device maybe even longer to a modern iPhone

  12. Am I the only one who has noticed that the start and select are really small?

  13. Super Mario deluxe it has the same grafix as the nes.

  14. Unless u like Pokemon you dont buy the gameboy color today for the games. U buy it for the memories and nostalgia

  15. Throw it in the bin…so outdated makes me sick

  16. I’m from future to tell you that your YouTube channel name will be Austin Evans and you will have 5 million subscribers!🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣

  17. I don’t know why the Canadian Gameboy colour is still called the Gameboy color

  18. WHOA!!! 9 years ago!!!! Watching in 2020!!!! Yo!!!!

  19. So which gameboy should i get???
    I need your help Austin

  20. I just got the green game boy color today and it has a blue battery cover.

  21. Who’s watching Austin’s old videos in 2021 🥺😂

  22. Got a yellow one today for €2 in a charity shop now to find some games for it.

  23. Dam this is how u started I subscribed only back in 2017 Love ur vids

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