Game Boy Color Longplay [065] Mario Tennis -

Game Boy Color Longplay [065] Mario Tennis

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  1. Scrolling through in the name of nostalgia, as soon as a match would come up i could literally feel my fingers move on the buttons and my neurons plan my next move… more than a decade after the last time i ever saw my teal gameboy…

  2. I am holding Mario Tennis in my hand while commenting this.

  3. I still feel like they should have added more single player content to the n64 version. I was so disappointed in that after playing the gbc Mario tennis.

  4. You still need to beat the doubles tournament.

  5. I'd give anything for a remake of this in Switch graphics

  6. remakes arent made dont get ur hopes up kids .. the only thing i advise u all 2 do is dont support microsoft xbox one / ps4 or new gens jus play ur old systems or do emulators 4 old games like me i do GBC GBA nintendo ds lite games on emulator off my phones , while doin mechassault 1/2 on microsoft xbox xlink kai (online wit system link) , n gta4 on ps3 online

  7. Perhaps my first ever RPG experience. So nostalgic, at the point of, to be honest, I really didn’t enjoy the tennis gameplay as well but the RPG… man it was so addictive

  8. Why is this called Mario Tennis if Mario isn't in most of the game.

  9. Jeez, how do you not get RSI after playing this for over 4 hours?

  10. Spent a lot of time time on this game. Never beat it, but GODDAMN was it fun. Good times 💪 lol

  11. I never felt so trolled all in my life thinking this was a Mario Game when I was 6 years old.

  12. This was such a classic game. The thought of the ancient memories playing this came to me yesterday when I was lookin at a mountain with clay looking like feature and this game came to mind reminding me about the clay courts :FeelsGudMan:

  13. Andrew Attenborough two thumbs movies paranormal says:

    I remember playing this game on my game boy colour and late at night in 2001 as a 12 year old kid so many great memories from my childhood

  14. 4:37:14 I THOUGHT TOADETTE WAS MADE IN 2003 BUT THIS GAME WAS MADE IN 2000!!!!!!!!!!

  15. This is such an ambitious game for a GBC adaptation of Mario Tennis

  16. This Game has 2 endings?

  17. Always loved the scenes in the credits. Makes me feel like I actually took part in a little tennis adventure.

  18. Aahhh those memories.I remember playing this when I was 8years old.

  19. I really like this game, Mario tennis rpg? You can play as a non Mario character and be a better one than the Mario characters also the sequel as well. There some unlockables but I do not got the transfer pak.

  20. I loved this game as a kid, idk why it was so addicting lol

  21. Thanks for this! finally finished watching it 🙂 think I'll now grab and emulator and play it myself haha

  22. The music in this game was such a vibe! I’m 29 and I played this so long ago abs I recently started listening to Fox Capture Plan and other Progressive jazz music lately that it sparked the memories of this game and it’s layout and it’s music! As well as how at peace I was. I jus couldn’t remember which tennis game it was that I played when it sparked the memory! Like “ahh which game was that?! It was so zen and so fun!” This is so great to see the full game play! I miss it

  23. There is something wrong with my Mario tennis😕

  24. A sports open world RPG actually sounds like a fun idea for today.

  25. lol i didnt know how to read when i played this so when i entered the story mode i would be all confused and trying to exit out to eventually select quick tournaments lol

  26. i need this on my switch so badly. this game is amazing.

  27. Why not just combine this and Mario Golf into one game?

  28. Can you play with the real Mario characters in the exhibition, why is it Mario tennis when you can’t even play as Mario

  29. What's weird about this game is how you aren't able to play as the other Mario characters because of the whole transfer pak thing.

  30. How do you hit the ball at such an angle like that?

  31. Was obsessed with this game and it’s sequel as a kid

  32. So much nostalgia. I put so many hours into this game.

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