Game Boy Color Longplay [022] Metal Gear Solid -

Game Boy Color Longplay [022] Metal Gear Solid

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Played by JagOfTroy

Also known as Ghost Babel in asian countries, this was not a part of the Metal Gear series canon but it does serve as an alternate sequel to the events after Outer Heaven (Metal Gear).
This was a fairly decent game with an acceptable storyline but there are things that Solid Snake does that are rather uncharacteristic of him so it does make sense that it is not officially recognized but more of an alternate universe.
This longplay was completed on Very Hard difficulty and the final rank was Big Boss.
There is quite a bit of dialogue like most of the games so enjoy this video game/interactive movie. –
Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!


  1. This actually looks amazing. It’s the only metal gear game besides Acid and Survive that I’ve never really played.
    Messed with it on a rom for a few long ago…

  2. Im gonna be jonest, i forgot thus game existed ebtirely fornlike 2 years

  3. I remember my dad got me this game when I was a kid, he is the coolest dad ever.

  4. I bought this game at gamestop for 1$ in 2010 and didn't like it. I gave it to one of my friends

  5. So glad I bought this when it launched. Didn’t really play all the way through it till a few years later, but was well worth it.

  6. well the person who played it didnt even codec call the colonel infront of the wreckage of the original metal gear :/

  7. I got this for my birthday the day it came out.

  8. I don't get the praise for this game – sure, it looks nice, sounds nice and plays a lot better than the original MSX titles, but the gameplay is just too frustrating – it's far too easy to get spotted and some of the mechanics like the bullshit coloured box puzzle and the fogger (used to detect lasers) are OK in concept but are irritating in their execution.

  9. Wow, this is unexpectedly good. A lot going on here that even the first 2 Metal Gears didn't have.

  10. Reading the codec in this is a bit of a headache.

  11. Wow imagine that being remade! Enjoyed watching that!

  12. I remember playing this one.OMG!!!throwback the music was so fucking good

  13. Black Chamber was my favorite antagonist group

  14. i recently played this game on openemu! it was really fun and it’s pretty underrated for a Metal Gear Solid game

  15. A lot of the mechanics in this game would find their way into the Boktai series.

  16. Kojima is the only guy I know that can make a 15 minute long opening cutscene in a Gameboy game

  17. I miss this game so damn much.

  18. "Sergeant Chris Jenner"…….that's hilarious

  19. 2:39:00 “Hey…you see that rocket circling around in the corner?”
    “Yeah, me neither.”

  20. This would have been 10 times better had it been on Gameboy advance instead of GBC.

  21. Gracias muchas gracias

  22. It's just one of those curiosity games because of the license but never was a good game to play through or own.

  23. Just finished this myself. Amazing game. Great characters, story, bosses and gameplay. It would be awesome to see a remake/remaster in the style of MGS1 or MGS2. Or perhaps even just GBA style.

  24. This game was a worthy sequel to to MG2. Excellent plot, extremely entertaining and phenomenal villains

  25. You are so good at this game. I can’t believe how complex this is and how difficult it is. You had to conserve ammunition throughout the entire game, especially when it came to that Pyro bison fight where every bullet counted. Also the fight against owl in the dark was crazy because you had to keep taking your night vision goggles off and putting them back on. Crazy.

  26. the sprites, the minimal level design, the color palette, the AI, the character sheets, its all so well made, even the training stages are super good looking. I love this game

  27. Hi i had a question about the save states in this game. I recently purchased and played through a new game and after an hour or so tried to save gave by call Mei Ling and it said it saved but when i closed game and tried to load back i had to start from very beginning?? Does that mean my battery is dead? I hope someone can answer. Thank you!

  28. I've never played it in my whole life

  29. What most people don’t know is that some play through a of the game won’t be the same. Enemy placement and item placement differs with each play through. Especially stage 3

  30. The only thing is, wasn't Outer Heaven in South Africa? Galuade is supposed located in the same fortress as Outer Heaven, but now it's in a Central African country called Gindra. The map they used does look to be based off South Africa.

    Whatever, still a great game 🙂 Got this for my birthday with Pokemon Gold.

  31. No way..!….. game boy was great but did not know it had metal gear. Or colour.

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