Game Boy Color Longplay [009] Rayman -

Game Boy Color Longplay [009] Rayman

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Played By: ScHlAuChi

After Arcane Forest, i added in the extra levels that you can only access after beating the game – the final boss normally appears after Arcane Forest. –
Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!


  1. fkX?vESFqB

    Ancient Forest Password

  2. Can you save the game or is there a password function ?


  4. There should be more enemies in stages and bosses at the end of every world.

  5. 2:41 This must be the first game they used that theme in! Interesting!

  6. Thats the music that got stuck in my head while doing my exams 12yrs ago.

  7. Does anything special happen when you get 100%

  8. I have one question does the game boy color games work on the first gameboy

  9. I do not know why the comments in this video complain so much about the sound of the game, I quite like it. But although it sounds a little bad, the backgrounds and graphics of the game make up for it, apart from which it brings back memories of the flash version XD

  10. Ah, so this is where Ryemanni took inspiration for his version of Mr. Dark's boss battle.

  11. Maybe releasing a high quality 32-bit game for a limited 8-bit console doesn’t always work..

  12. Man i could never get past the third level. Once the water started rising, I panicked

  13. I was always impressed with what the GBC could manage to pull off considering the hardware limitations of course.

  14. 26:56 Can someone explain what is that flying creature right next to rayman

  15. I only drink instant coffee and when i do i guzzle says:

    This is not what ive played on my gamrboy before it has a good graphics and rayman has a cheese ball that he throws and can change to a gum

  16. One thing i never understrood about this game was how you were supposed to complete it. Some prisoners are completely unreachable in earlier levels until you unlock some the powers after reaching those levels you cant even return

  17. I was really scared of this game damn 😂😂

  18. The creators of this game are all french and italians

  19. huh so my copy the game must be broken because if I remember well when I was little after beating shadow rayman i got the cutscene of rayman saying cant tell from left to right and then the game restarts from the main menu mmmmm

  20. 3:03 the noise channel just disappears as soon as he hits the ground. Gameboy era i guess lol

  21. I played the game when I was a kid and it was so damn hard. xD only got to the endboss once when I had to wait for hours at the hospital with my mum. Can't remember if I ever beat him. Great memories, thanks for the nostalgia. 🙂

  22. 0:00 they need to port this opening scene for Rayman 2 on N64.

  23. Wow i loved this game so much , my favorite stages where the music themed ones

  24. Straight nostalgia bring it back to the good ol days when I was a young lil girl. Oh how I wish I could go back.💯

  25. So I’m not the only one that was scared of this game for some reason?

  26. I still have Gameboy Color and original game cartridge: too many memories of childhood…however music on original HW is better by far

  27. Remember being really sick once and getting a couple game magazines to read in bed, one of them was a Nintendo power with some maps and walkthrough for this game. I loved how they looked so much I had to get this, wasnt disappointed. Solid platformer boosted by awesome visuals.

  28. I wish the Rayman from 1995 to look like that.

  29. The sound of the emulation is incomplete.

  30. I think it took me at least 6 months to complete the game . And not even fully as there's so many hidden secrets. Such a good game , so many memories!

  31. Fun Fact:This Is An Port From The 1995 Game (Rayman)

  32. In the USA version he has 4 fingers
    BUT on JP version has 5 fingers because of the number 4

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