Game Boy Color: It Just Sorta Happened - Scott The Woz -

Game Boy Color: It Just Sorta Happened – Scott The Woz

Scott The Woz
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Scott’s confused in color.


Music Used:
“Cerulean City” from Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu & Eevee!
“World Map (Day)” from Wario Land 3
“Overworld” from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Seasons
“Training (Match)” from Mario Tennis (Game Boy Color)
“Jungle Hijinxs” from Donkey Kong Country (Game Boy Color)
“A-Type” from Tetris DX
“A-Type” from Tetris (Game Boy)
“BGM 1” from Mario Paint
“Mabe Village” from The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening
“Bonus Room Blitz” from Donkey Kong Country (Game Boy Color)
“You Vs. Boo (Menu)” from Super Mario Bros. Deluxe
“Main Menu” from Mario Golf (Game Boy Color)
“Color Dungeon” from The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX
“Title Screen” from Pokemon Gold & Silver
“Burning Town” from Shantae
“Face Shrine” from The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening
“Breakout” from 3D Dot Game Heroes


  1. If you put Metroid II in a gbc it will play in full color! I'm pretty sure it's voodoo.

  2. I've fond memories of the GBC. Never owned one though. Emulated it like the member of the PC Master race I was. Speaking of which. In the year 2000 when Pokemon Gold (first Pokemon game in colour) came out the online scene had already made a translated rom of the Japanese version before the English version was even released. My girlfriend at the time had a 10 year old brother and I put the Emulator and Rom on his PC for him to play. So, a 10 year old kid had a working playable version of the most anticipated game in the biggest fad on the 90's months before it was to be released… He became insanely popular at school and kids would come around to his house just to see him play it. True PC Master Race stuff.

  3. GBC was the neglected middle child of the gameboy family

  4. Can you just put in up a Black Screen On Relax Alax On Borderline Forever For Somedays Please Scott?

  5. You mean Pokémon Gold and Silver can be played on the orginal gameboy? I never knew that…

  6. Remember having a Game Boy Color shared between 4 people with one save file for Pokémon? No? Just me, huh?

  7. I still play Mario Tennis on an emulator on my phone all the time. It's so good. I am way more inclined to sink time into it than I am the newest switch one.

  8. I end up laughing loud whenever Scott makes a dark humor sarcastic joke that catches me off guard😂 or just his jokes. They kinda feel like anti jokes idk.

  9. The obsolete increase immunochemically request because root uniformly pack apud a billowy door. plain, fuzzy bull

  10. I used to play pokémon Blue and would use the button combo press at startup to change the color scheme go beat the elite four change it again and then test out color schemes that way.

  11. Color was never considered a new system by us (I was 12 at the time) it was still a Gameboy just the new model.. The Exlusive games didn't factor in

  12. Great video mate keep them coming.
    Jay from the uk 👍🏾👏🏾🤜🏾

  13. I remember plugging in my GBC! The gummy light that I had for it was much brighter when it was plugged in and I remember fondly of one time going to a restaurant with family and I was right next to an outlet and easily could play Zelda with my light because it was fully lit with the AC adaptor. I always had the AC adaptor in my bag for some reason.

  14. Scott how can you use the gameboy color? You can just see right through the screen how can you play?!???!??!!

  15. Man, I had, and miss, the translucent purple one. Atomic Grape I believe it was called. I would love for Nintendo to release a Game Boy Classic, with the same or similar screen in the Mario Game and Watch in it, and 20 GB and 15 GBC games preloaded. It would be sold in two colors, in equal numbers. There would be the classic gray color, and the translucent Atomic Grape one. The best part? This theoretical console would also have a CARTRIDGE slot capable of playing the original GB or GBC games. For the GBA, I’d do a similar product launch, but have 25 pre-loaded games and a cartridge slot.

  16. 1998
    Game Boy: "I'm nine years old, please let me die."
    NIntendo: "Well, ok, but actually no" proceeds to make some black cartridges

  17. I'm surprised Pokémon Gold and Silver were playable on the original Gameboy since one of the new features was Shiny Pokémon, whose entire deal is that they have a different color palette than their non-Shiny counterparts.

  18. Use this to help people out
    Hey 👋 I just got a
    Hey 👋 I just got a

  19. Hey Scott, One of All here, asking you to review Mario and Sonic at the Olympics

  20. grey rectangle turns into color rectangle

  21. 13:42 I have Kirby Tilt n Tumble on my Android phone. That's the real best way to play it, and it also makes me want Nintendo to rerelease the game for mobile devices officially.

  22. A big creater can make a video about the game boy color for ten minutes or so,


  23. Watching this vid for the first time since GB and GBC are likely coming to switch next week

  24. This handheld is so weird, most of the games could be used on the original model, there were some good exclusives, Nintendo output was incredibly weird and there was a version of gta 2, perfect dark, a resident evil game… Is WEIRD.

  25. i’m in wriggly field and i’m watching this. i’m supposed to be watching baseball..

  26. I consider it an upgrade that's still it's own system.
    Like the GameCube and WII,
    or WII and WII-U

  27. I swear he makes some of the best content on youtube

  28. Why are you so bad at Tetris? Is it just demonstrative?

  29. I was so annoyed at not being able to play crystal version!

  30. Lol I got Little Mermaid 2 Pinball Frenzy for $3.00 at GameWorld.

    Worth it

  31. "Do I get up and contribute to society, or do I talk about the game boy color?"

  32. I remember my folks randomly got me a Gameboy colour for Xmas. Didn't even ask for one when I was 8yrs old. Least not in memory. First game I got was Pokémon blue. Which gave me my passion for both anime and gaming. 🙂

  33. this guy could talk about anything and make it interesting

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