Game Boy Color Games Released After GBA Launched -

Game Boy Color Games Released After GBA Launched

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I love both the Game Boy Color and the Game Boy Advance. When GBA was launched in 2001 they still made several games for GBC. Here’s a look at just some of those games. A few are actually pretty neat!

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  1. Definitely waiting for a "GameCube games that dropped after the Wii released" video. It wouldn't be a long video because I believe there were only 8, but I'd still love to see it. Keep up the great work, John.

  2. ET trying to make that Sonic Chao money? Maybe?

  3. Zah-boo-mah-foo
    Fantastic show that introduced kids to animals. The mid 90's version of Jack Hanna.

  4. If you're going to do GBA games released after the DS, you should cover Scurge: Hive. This game, I'd say has insane production value for a late era GBA game, that I kinda consider it to be the Shantae of the GBA. It also has a DS port, which while the same identical looking game, doesn't have the same magic of its GBA counterpart.

    Also surprised you haven't covered Shantae, Wendy: Every Witch Way and the two Harry Potter games in this video

  5. Love the vibes of your channel so much🤘🏼 great video idea

  6. Great video! Alone in the dark for GBA is pretty cool! Too bad they didn't try that style again in the GBA. I think it would have been awesome!

  7. I love the series! Thanks! I haven't done ps1 when ps2 is out… Just saying… 😉

  8. The switch online is pretty bad though. Very underwhelming

  9. 8:06

    I like how you mention that WWF Betrayal was made by Wayforward but didn't also mention that for that one Sabarina The Teenage Witch game. Yup, Wayforward made that game as well, which isn't all that surprising considering that it looks like it uses the same game engine as the original Shantae GBC game.

  10. I remember going to Electronics Boutique and having the option to purchase Shantae or Resident Evil Gaiden not long after release. I went with Shantae, I think, honestly, due to IGN's coverage of the game. [IGN reviewer Mark Bozon's brother worked on the game], so it received decent plugs from the site]. I got the display copy and remember the associate telling me their store only got 2 copies in, with the other having been reserved as a pre-order. Little did I know how rare the game would start to become around 10 years later. But roughly 20 years later, I sold my boxed copy on eBay for 💰💰💰 and used that to buy a Switch, a physical copy on the Switch and many, many, many other things.

  11. GBA having backwards compatibility kept the GBC games relevant thus allowing developers time to finish up those late releases that normally would be unreleased when new hardware arrived

  12. Someone please make an openbor for That wwf attitude era beat’em up

  13. I play Legendary Super Warriors to this day. It’s not great but I just love it.

  14. I remember PS1 did the same for PS2 because one of my favorite fighting games Gundam Battle Assault 2 came out in like 2002 for PS1. It was always wierd to me but still fun game regardless.

  15. I also really liked world is not enough on N64. For me it was better than goldeneye and wish it would be ported to modern console like goldeneye was.

  16. Xena Warrior Princess and Hercules the Legendary Journeys were both great at the time.

  17. I hope John Riggs is earning money on here cuz I know it's difficult to get a YouTube channel up and going these days. I'm a crazy person already trying to make these videos and compete with kids making silly faces that get millions of views. Keep it up John I don't know how you're doing it mentally and physically

  18. How you know about my Pamela Anderson tape???

  19. You still have that Pam Anderson tape? Please mail me a copy. I'll dust off my VHS player

  20. Not quite playstation graphics, but maybe N64… sure dude lmao

  21. those sprites in dracula sure look nice though

  22. Do GB after GBC release, GBA after the og DS release

  23. Toki Tori got an enhanced port for the Wiiware service, and later a sequel on Steam. This made me realize that there is a sort of singularity with games (similar to music & movies), where eventually every game will be ported, tweaked, or rebooted, and playable again.

  24. I really enjoy watching these kinds of videos lol hope you do one on the GameCube games that released after the launch of the Wii lol

  25. I love Pepsi too. You didn't say that this video, but I figure I would let you known

  26. Got everything crossed for that ET and the Cosmic Garden remaster. Come on Nintendo!

  27. Do Genesis games Released after the Saturn launched please

  28. You also had two Harry Potter games on the GBC.

  29. "That VHS tape you're not allowed to watch" 🤣

  30. There was also a cool dragon ball card game on the super Famicom

  31. There was also a cool dragon ball card game on the super Famicom

  32. I’m making a game for the Gameboy Color 😅

  33. I’m making a game for the Gameboy Color 😅

  34. The Alone in the Dark GBC game is really awesome and cinematic. I'm sad I lost my GBA and the game itself.

  35. The Alone in the Dark GBC game is really awesome and cinematic. I'm sad I lost my GBA and the game itself.

  36. With all these retro beat em up revivals coming out, WWF Betrayal needs a sequel!

  37. With all these retro beat em up revivals coming out, WWF Betrayal needs a sequel!

  38. The only problem with ET for the Atari 2600 is it was released ahead of it's time. It was in a time where video games were still simplistic and not many were ready for more complex games like Zelda we gat 4 years later in the US. If it was made after Zelda's release for the NES, it would have better graphics and slightly better gameplay. But that's all I can see that was wrong with ET

  39. This is such a hard category to go into. Most of the time Gameboy Color is lumped in with Gameboy. And most of GBC games seem to be licensed shovelware.

  40. The VHS tape you watched you say. That tape wouldn't happen to feature Brett Michael's or Tommy Lee?😏

  41. I enjoyed ET on Atari as well 🤷🏽‍♂️

  42. I will definitely try Xena and Sabrina!

  43. I think that's Christian Bale as the main character in Alone in the Dark.

  44. 𝔇𝔞𝔯𝔱𝔥 𝔭𝔬𝔬𝔥 says:

    I love the gba it came out on my birthday June 11th

  45. The lemur in Zooboomafoo has the same name as me. I'm very proud of this, tho i certainly wasn't the target demographic

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