Game Boy Classic - 1989 - (DMG-01) -

Game Boy Classic – 1989 – (DMG-01)

Alberto Gil Tesa
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My collection of consoles: Game Boy Classic – 1989 – (DMG-01)


  1. @DerStadtschutz I just gave my experience of it, long time since I watched this video but apparently ppl agree with me

  2. i dont know how, but i felt nostalgia from before i was born…..

  3. So what I got like 3 of these, I even got one that I put a backlight into it.

  4. Ahh those were the days… In some aspects this was better that the SP

  5. Im gonna get 1 with 5 games and a backlight thing 😛 FOR 15 euros!! 🙂

  6. where did you buy this awesome console games?

  7. Oye donde se puede comprar una game boy en semejante estado?

  8. esse cara só pode ter voltado no tempo, o videogame está em perfeito estado de conservação!

  9. @giltesa y pasa Otra Vez, Que MASCOTA !!!!! 02:30

  10. @lokks707 Do you still got it, its an easy fix.

  11. @giltesa why would you buy one new in box to play it? I got used one for 5$ and its just as fun as that one 😉

  12. donde lo compraste es que lo quiero

  13. its just not the same… gameboy classic games need to be played on a gameboy classic, and gameboy color games need to be played on a gameboy color.

  14. I am getting a Gameboy classic tomorrow SO LONG GBA

    I've never seen one in such an amazing condition before!

  16. ¿cual de todas las versiones de gameboy suena mas fuerte?

  17. Odié cuando dejaron de fabricar nuevos Game Boy's

  18. yeah but if u saved it and 10 years later it can be wourth 1.000-2.000 dollars

  19. Que belo Game Boy,hoje em dia os games portáteis estão mais parecendo tablets com internet e tal,se esqueceram do objetivo principal:os jogos,seria ótimo se criassem um console portátil parecido com o game boy,mas um pouco mais moderno.

  20. of course.. you can sell it to me, if you wish

  21. Nice classic game boy disgusting nails though maybe get a pedicure b4 making a movie next time

  22. I love this song. Korobushka from Russia. Ura

  23. no sé desde siempre me ha parecido tan hermosa esa consola, por ello no hay duda de que halla sido la consola portatil más vendida de su época incluso con competidores con mejores características por lejos

  24. Yo tengo una, no tan nueva como la tuya… ya que la mia la di mucho uso en su tiempo… tengo hasta juegos piratas "carita de upss" jajaja me encanta

  25. so did chess master come with the boxed in gameboy

  26. my screen on my dmg is clear with no lines but its just not bright kinda hard to see.. 

    I am guessing thats the norm….

  27. Wow nice! I still have my original Gameboy from 1989 when it first came out, my mother got it for me as a Christmas gift, when I was 13, its one of my favorite gifts i ever got as a kid, still have it somewhere buried in my closet, under a bunch of crap, lol

  28. I'm not a gaming/gadget fan but I thank you for sharing this piece of history. I can feel myself unboxing this thing brand new.

  29. I just had flashbacks to my 8th birthday watching this vid 💯😀

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