Game Boy Classic - 1989 - (DMG-01) -

Game Boy Classic – 1989 – (DMG-01)

Alberto Gil Tesa
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My collection of consoles: Game Boy Classic – 1989 – (DMG-01)


  1. Yo tengo una pero no tengo juegos alguien que sepa de alguien que venda juegos para game boy diganme

  2. Im 14 years old but i love the gameboy very fun console i think that they should do a remake of the gameboy like the nes classic but a gameboy

  3. i remember when my grand father gave me his old game boy, it's a tad busted up like the back that keeps in the batterys is gone and the gray thing around the screen is gone and it's a bit dirty, but it still works through and through

  4. The box ot comes in is really nice. I found an original game boy at a thrift store it had tetris still in it. Only 7 bucks

  5. Nakaktuwa naman.. ganito din nilalaro q noon kasama ng kpatid q.. sarap minsan bumalik s dating gnagawa.. d2 nq bro… wait u♡♡♡

  6. can anyone tell me if you can get back on track?

    battery power sometimes fails

  7. we have this gameboy. I said "we" because we are 3 siblings and we have to share for one hahahaha

  8. I remember having watched this for the first time almost 7 years ago

  9. Io ne ho umo uguale purtroppo mia sorella non me lo fa mai usare da anni anche se era di entrambe 🙁

  10. Eu tinha um desses. Oh saudade 😁😁

  11. Ya Allah jadi inget jaman SD waktu tahun 2005, saya dulu suka ngerental ini di mamang2 waktu SD, waktu itu ngerental harganya Rp300
    Jadi kangen masa kecil , anak kelahiran 90an pasti pernah main game ini,,,
    Saya kelahiran 95 dan ga kerasa umur gw udah 25 tahun 😂 , waktu begitu cepat 😭😭😭

  12. Spaccato sto orologio a cucù c starebbe bene cn mr cipolla.. LOL 😭

  13. I’m still impressed with what the game it could do. I’m using emulators now but it’s still fun!

  14. Hey man I know this is pretty late but where did you manage to find one of these I'm thinking of buying one myself?

  15. My favourite game to game boy is space invaders

  16. i did not know that dmg01 was able to do vocal play back?!

  17. A classic, Game Boy will always be a great portable console.

  18. Saya mau ini, beli barunya dimana ya??
    Apakah ada yg menjualnya..??

  19. I will never forget the day i had my first game boy.

  20. It's amazing how well this thing sold considering how crappy that screen is

  21. Yo todavía la guardo en una maleta, jejeje está como nueva

  22. Alguien me sabe decir donde me la pueden querer comprar??

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