Game Boy Advance Video - Complete Collection! | Nintendrew -

Game Boy Advance Video – Complete Collection! | Nintendrew

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In this video, we’ll take a look back at the entire GBA Video library, and I’ll answer all your questions and more about this unique corner of Nintendo’s history. Thanks for watching!

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  1. I remember always watching Ed edd and eddy on mine

  2. I think for honorable mention Spiderman 2 game in the intro there's a short scene of the movie there.

  3. Imagine having a Simpsons cartridge for GBA

  4. I’m sad that I can illegally download spongebob from a GBA cartridge that was made in 2004

  5. GBA video is the only way to watch movies and TV shows.
    Someone else: But what about ne–

  6. I've been avoiding these videos bc Drew looks like my girlfriend's ex. But damn Drew is 100% more Chad than he will ever be

  7. Oh yea. It has ripoffs of shrek. Interesting

  8. but in Asia there's more movie and cartoon available !!!!

  9. mom can we have nintendrew episodes
    we already have nintendrew episodes at home
    nintendrew episodes at home: 9:43

  10. Is it me, or do i remember that there was a 4th volume of spoengbob gba video?

  11. I’m still looking for the rom dump of shrek, shrek 2, shark tale, and shrek n shark tale.

  12. Where can I buy one of these? I've searched ebay a thousand times but I couldn't find any.

  13. Of course Nintendo Picked the 4kids ver of sonic x and yu gi oh
    Not the Uncut ver

  14. Would be wild to watch this episode on a GBA video cartridge 😁

  15. I’m so sad they didn’t do the same thing on the ds, like yeah it wouldn’t be the best quality to view them but it wouldn’t be afwul

  16. Used this info to put all my music videos on GBA carts! 😂🤘🏼

  17. I had two one with the old Halloween episode of fairy odd parents and episode of spongebob when squidward n spongebob deliver krusty krab pizza 😂🥺 oh the memories

  18. I remember using these to watch Pokémon and Spongebob on the bus ride home in elementary school

  19. Wow, it’s TV without the TV!

    I cringed a bit.

  20. While rewatching this video, I just realized how similar your intro line is to another gaming YouTuber. One who talks about stupid Nintendo games. His intro line just replaces "guys" with "all" and I believe his full line is "Hey all, Scott here."

  21. These came out at prime time for me, I was roughly 8 when I got the SP, and we technically had a dvd player, but it was only in dads vehicle. I remember having all the fairly odd parents, and spongebob episodes for my gameboy. The only downfall, was no headphone jack..

  22. I remember those. I think I had one for Fairly Oddparents.

  23. I destinctly remember watching "Elf" on gba video from a cartridge my friend had, was this a bootleg then?

  24. I’ve always wanted to watch Dora on my Gameboy advance SP

  25. เท็นคูจิ คาโดยะgamerTV says:

    I like nintendo

  26. Imagine acquiring a subsidiary and shortening the name to N.E.R.D

  27. How did you get all of these? You must’ve had to do a lot of online searching

  28. I remember having the shark tail and Pokémon ones made car rides as a kid very doable you unlock a whole memory I forgot I had

  29. I did use this before but I didn’t have the sound so I had to get a new one but if you touch the lens and your phone in direct sunlight it will start glitching

  30. A question not answered – were the videos region locked at all?

    I ask this because in the case of the Sony PSP, all games were not region locked, however the UMD movies were!
    So I'm wondering if Nintendo bothered with this, or only with the GC-player ?

  31. Why am I finding out about this now 😭 I thought you could only play games on it

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