Game Boy Advance Video - Complete Collection! | Nintendrew -

Game Boy Advance Video – Complete Collection! | Nintendrew

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In this video, we’ll take a look back at the entire GBA Video library, and I’ll answer all your questions and more about this unique corner of Nintendo’s history. Thanks for watching!

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  1. My only goal in life is to watch Shark Tale on my 3DS

  2. You can make a video of the NES 2

  3. I had a GBA but didn't know it played games until now. I only ever had these video carts

  4. Which cartridge is the lilo and stitch Series on 😍😍😍

  5. 2 years later, and some emulators are now capable of watching Shrek.

  6. Who Needs Paramount Plus When You Have Sbsp On Gba

  7. One time I was on the playground and I was on my gba sp and 20 kids huddled around to watch shark tale

    On a tiny screen with poor audio and resolution

  8. The quality of these cartridges look like crap.

  9. Volume 1 of SpongeBob on GBA got me through so many road trips

  10. Unfortunately when I was a kid my parents couldn't afford a Game Boy for me 😔😔😔

  11. There is a 2-in-1 GameBoy Advance Video cartridge of Shrek and Shrek 2.

  12. Kinda proprietary at the time but i do think the gba videos were pretty cool at the time.

  13. This takes me back I remember watching Johnny bravo and Courage the cowardly dog on my SP Good times indeed

  14. Is it just me or do I here a pixelated version of the ‘’borgir!” Music?

  15. Imagine watching shrek and shark movie pack on a 50 inch tv

  16. At 3:49, I think you're missing the 2 Movies In 1 combo of Shrek + Shrek 2.

  17. I still have one of the Cartoon Network ones to this very day.

  18. It really was a flex to watch these on the school bus. My grandma gave me a Spongebob collection for my birthday lol

  19. What kind of people wouldn't include Godzilla?!

  20. I have the spongebob ones, the fairly odd parents, and cartoon network ones. fair enough quality for the time, I still use the spongebob ones tbh.

  21. To do list
    1=get gameboy advance
    2=get every GBA video ever
    3=eat tootsie rolls.

  22. Bring back the Game Boy Advance Video library of TV shows and movies, Nintendo

    Disney Channel Collection Vol. 3
    Disney Channel Collection Vol. 4
    Sesame Street Vol. 1
    The Loud House Vol. 1
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze
    Chip 'n Dale's Rescue Rangers Vol. 1
    The Casagrandes Vol. 1

  23. I have three gba videos and they are Cartoon Network volume 1 and two and sponge bob volume 1


  25. Now Nintendo hates Movies.
    I wish there was Netflix and that other stuff on Switch…

  26. how do i get sonic x? i can only find pokemon

  27. Youtube already existed. The reason this product came out was because back then, younger kids rarely had easy access to internet or internet devices. It was a way for parents to keep kids entertained.

  28. There's only six I want the four Pokemon ones and shreck ones

  29. Game Boy Advance Video Better Than Video Now

  30. I'm certain you are missing a rocket power cartridge I had it!

  31. Awesome video dude!!! Never new there was so many……

  32. Wow those are old schools I used to love playing those stuff those games

  33. What Is in the GBA video commercial is wrong cuz it's not that high quality in the commercial you could see that the cartoons are so high quality but no. It's not so don't download the ROM cuz youll be mad!

  34. When I was in Highschool, my friend would bring their GBA SP, audio adapter and a 3.5mm splitter so we could both plug our headphones in and watch videos/shows on GBA. During my senior year she upgraded to an iPod that played videos. It was always a great time riding the bus to school and back.

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