Game Boy Advance Review -

Game Boy Advance Review

Austin Evans
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In this video I review the Game Boy Advance, the third generation in the Nintendo Game Boy line. The GBA was a departure from the design of the previous Game Boy and Game Boy Color. It features improved graphics, decent battery life and a very ergonomic design.


  1. I miss my GBA. I'm going to buy that, a GBC and a GBSP just to satisfy my need to collect hand helds.

  2. i am getting mine today I lost mine so I ordered one it is gonna reach today

  3. I bought a modded original gba with a backlight and it's awesome

  4. What's funny is I just bought a GBA! XD

  5. I still have mine in black with no games tho 🙁

  6. This is the real Game Boy Advance not that SP which was so uncomfortable and both Your Hands In Pockets it wasn't even worth it

  7. Does it use a memory card? If so, which one?

  8. I'm going to buy a GBA (black instead of transparent blue, sadly) with Pokemon Sapphire.

  9. My one is a bit more darker like from game boy color but the game boy advance is kinda like the same from game boy color but I think I like game boy advance sp because they screen is so bright you know what I mean.

  10. batterys beat charger
    because i lost my gba sp charger

    O O

  11. you can't retrospectively say that having to buy batteries was one of its cons when at the time that's what you did even though it was near the end of those times the rechargeable device wasn't status quo

  12. I always used it with rechargeable batteries

  13. To solve the battery issue: Rechargeable batteries!

  14. tbh I think that the gba has a really bad library (not including gb or gbc games) due to the unforgiving amount of shovelware that was released for the system. Not to say that all of the gba games are shovelware because the gba has a few handfulls of great games (that are increasing in price because of resellers that don't know how to sell a game for a reasonable price) that will give you hours of enjoyment.

  15. does anyone know where I can buy one from a trusted site?

  16. In my opinion this is the best handheld EVER made!

  17. I kinda want to get a original gba cause my sp died recently, I do like the headphone jack on the original gba and the form factor. I didn't really care for the sp since it was really cramped. This just feels right.

  18. Omg… Austin has a southern accent… I never noticed when I watched these back then

  19. I remember that there was a rechargable battery pack for the original gba. Was it officially from Nintendo?

  20. 0:41 The Game Boy Advance could display 32,000 colors compared to the 56 of the Game Boy Color–a slight improvement :).

  21. My gba will arrive at my mom's office TODAY

  22. I have a black original GBA that I got for $10 at Value Village.

  23. that skin model wuz the best gba the atomic c thru 1

  24. found and got one at the goodwill today in like new condition , SO happy I haven't had one since I was 3

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