Game Boy Advance Review -

Game Boy Advance Review

Austin Evans
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In this video I review the Game Boy Advance, the third generation in the Nintendo Game Boy line. The GBA was a departure from the design of the previous Game Boy and Game Boy Color. It features improved graphics, decent battery life and a very ergonomic design.


  1. mod that GBA with a backlight screen and you will love it

  2. Am I the only person that actually likes not having a backlit screen? New LCD screens are great and all, but unless you have the brightness cranked all the way up, screens are nearly impossible to see and even then, it's still hard to see them. And killing your battery at the same time.

  3. I may have tons o' systems now…
    But I will always love my Game Boy Advance.

  4. Austin you have come along way in your YouTube career 😀😀

  5. My sister want this instead of a game boy advance so lol

  6. LOL I first saw this video without knowing who the creator was and I was telling "wow, he sounds like Austin" LOL. BTW, nowadays that's not an issue… today you can get a GBA 101 with backlight and amazing rechargeable AA batteries with USB support for charging.

  7. I used to have a GBA just like that one!

  8. I have an sp but its very hit or miss in terms of when it works

  9. 24 yaşındayım 6-7 yaşında gameboy'a sahiptim. Orjinal Oyun Kasetleri 2000 senesinde 40 milyon liraydı. Bunları geliştiren insanlara teşekkürler. Yaratıcılığımız o yaşlarda gelişmeye başladı. Şimdiki mesleğimdeki ve yaşantımdaki başarılarımı, biraz da bu oyunlara borçluyum.

  10. No this is not HuntyDavo Totally not says:

    Ima get
    One with pokemon ruby

  11. I used to have Pokémon ruby edition. That game was a blast on gameboy!

  12. Why are you showing Pokemon 1.00000000000000000 times

  13. What do you mean because there are modern consoles it's not the great? Are you stupid? There cannot be a better choice for retro systems than this.

  14. Funny how you can play gameboy advance perfectly in the sun in fact it's better. Meanwhile sun is a a weakness for a DS and makes it harder to see your DS screen.

  15. Wtf do you mean this was the last generation? The SP is.

  16. I should be getting one on Wednesday through the mail and I'm exited most people my age are obsessed with fortnite and shooters and I'm just like eh just give me a gameboy and a few games and I'm good I'm getting mainly gameboy games because they are cheap on gamestops website but I have 1 or 2 gba games so yeah can't wait 🙂

  17. I have to have a nintendo collection now

  18. Does it turn on without a game sloted in to it I got mine for $2 at a flea market

  19. Head phone jack 👌.
    Anyone in 2018?

  20. I'm thinking about getting one, but it will be hard to play on dark places :'(

  21. Ah, Harry Potter GBA. It’s almost as good as Scooby Doo 2 GBA

  22. My favorite Game Boy Advance model of all time is the Game Boy Advance SP (AGS-101 represent) and my favorite accessories of all time are the game link cables, the GBA SP charger with the folding prongs which allows you to plug in your charger into your GBA SP so you can recharge your rechargeable battery, the GBA SP controller grip add-on and the headphone jack/GBA SP charging port hybrid add-on adapter from dreamGEAR which allows you to recharge your GBA SP's rechargeable battery and the option to plug in your headphones and play, recharge your battery and listen to your game sounds and game music all at once. Plus, like the original GBA, the GBA SP (Both frontlit and backlit models) is backwards-compatible with all of your Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games. The worst model of the GBA is the Game Boy Micro, which plays Game Boy Advance games only and the Micro is way too small to play your GBA games on a tiny backlit screen and the second worst GBA model is the frontlit GBA SP because you can hardly see what games you are playing on it because the frontlit screen looks bland and washed out and the third and final worst model of the GBA is the original model where there was no light in the screen meaning you have to play in a well-lit room to see what games you are playing on it. The number one best model of the GBA is the backlit GBA SP (AGS-101) which has the brighter, backlit screen and two levels of screen brightness with no off setting.

  23. Should I buy the Gameboy Advance or SP? Or do I stick with my DS to play GBA games??

  24. Can someone please answer my question? Google isn’t very helpful. Do Gameboy ADVANCE games play on the original Gameboy?

  25. Just buy a light to plug in to it, i have one. It pugs in to the connect thing at the top

  26. You did this entire review without turning it on and showing gameplay. Dislike.

  27. My fav console of all time is the GBA because it is modern enough to not be boring with its huge library of games, but still uses the pixel style art which gives it a retro feel to it

  28. I had one of these years ago but i have no clue where it went, i miss it

  29. Guys could you please tell me whether it’s worth it to buy it or not ???
    Many Thanks in advance

  30. Are Gameboys on batteries really that bad?! My Gameboy color has had the same pair of AA batteries for a YEAR and it still works!

  31. By the way I am watching this in 2018.

  32. Tacking batteries are great for me bc I have more of them

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