Game Boy Advance: Power to the Pocket - Scott The Woz -

Game Boy Advance: Power to the Pocket – Scott The Woz

Scott The Woz
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Scott takes a look back at everybody’s favorite way to play Yoshi’s Island.


Music Used:
“Minish Village” from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
“Littleroot Town” from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald
“Third Gear Acquired!” from Drill Dozer
“Overworld” from Super Mario Advance
“Bianca City” from F-Zero: Maximum Velocity
“Ice Cream Island” from Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
“Dinosaur Land” from Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World
“Isaac’s Battle Theme” from Golden Sun
“Message Board” from Game & Watch Gallery 4
“Overworld (Versus Mode)” from New Super Mario Bros.
“BGM #1 (Puzzle League)” from Dr. Mario & Puzzle League
“Aquatic Ambiance” from Donkey Kong Country (GBA)
“Title” from Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3
“Castle Fortress” from Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario Advance 3
“Title” from Mario Pinball Land
“Battle Theme” from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
“Circuit” from Mario Kart: Super Circuit
“Ridley Theme” from Metroid: Zero Mission
“Sanctuary” from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Four Swords
“Secret Base Zone (Act 1)” from Sonic Advance
“Title” from Mega Man & Bass (GBA)
“Underwater” from Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World
“Title” from eReader
“Breakout” from 3D Dot Game Heroes


  1. No, the seven stars is the first rpg

  2. The second version of the GBA SP made the lighting on the GBA SP better, but it added the very big downside of screen blur. I had an original GBA modified with an afterburner backlight, a GBA SP revision one, and a GBA SP revision two. GBA SP revision two was the version that I couldn’t stomach, and ultimately gave away, because of the screen blurring.

  3. Stop complaining about that we just got ports of old Mario games instead of new one, these ports were just what i needed

  4. I think my mom got the SP for Christmas once lol

  5. Couple years later, here I am playing the GBA's library on my Switch, no thanks to Nintendo but to Lineage OS.

  6. If only the original GameBoy Advance had a fucking usable screen. :'3 I've always HATED the SP's return to the blocky design, with sunken face buttons and tiny shoulder nubs.

  7. Scott going to have to say, there is no such thing as too many megaman games.

  8. The GameBoy Micro was my first gaming system ever back in 2005 and I’m only just now discovering you could swap the face plates??

  9. The the headphone jack adapter was a pain on the SP, but my Madcatz one was a splitter and let one charge it and have headphones simultaneously. Talk about building empires, Madcatz were all over that thing for chargers and car adapters and lights and cases

  10. lol you zoomers complaining about no backlight shows how spoiled you guys are.

  11. mentioning the only castlevania game on gba that's not cannon hmmmmmmmm

  12. battle network series were fucking great (even though 4 is a thing)

  13. don't think i don't hear that drill dozer music scott 👀

  14. Gameboy advance the the game Pokemon and the evolved form of game boy color

  15. I remember when we were looking at new cars around 97, we found a van with the N64 built in, with 4 controllers.

  16. I played super Mario 64 ds and I thought it was the original game.When i for my switch and I got all stars with my switch and I was just mad that there weee no mini games

  17. Tbh I always considered the DSi it's own thing tbh

  18. I love the gba but man they did it dirty.

  19. Thing are different these days. China has a whole bunch of people doing funny business on GBA. From installing backlight, to refurbish junk GBAs, and even assembleGBA from junk parts. Many fake 'brand New' GBA SP are out there in the market. If you're on eBay, don't buy GBA that comes from China.

  20. The GBA is one of my favorite systems ever. It is the closest thing the gaming world will ever see to the SNES and it had new games to some of my favorites franchises ever, namely Advance Wars, Metroid, and Zelda. It also was fantastic for two of my favorite genre's: Metroidvania's and strategy games. And what put it over the top for me back in the day was being able to play it on the big screen TV via the Gamecube connecter thingy. I loved playing these awesome 16 bit SNES style games on the big screen t.v. as though I was playing a home console. It also came out during a time in my life when I was still playing video games quite a bit, so for all of those reasons it's my favorite handheld ever.

  21. "This isn't a modern smartphone it's the Gameboy damnit!"

  22. I fell in love with the Micro as it was the only Advance system I had (I got the Famicom style and brother got the silver/black one on Christmas along with Fire Red and Leaf Green). I wasn't too worried about not playing GB/Color games on it back then and even now because I still have my working purple GB Color.

  23. For some reason I can’t remember what color my GBA was when I was little. Lol bums me out I can’t even pick up another one that’s the same color.

  24. Why we need to buy gba when my psp can play every thing.

  25. I picked up at a GameBoy Advanced micro a couple years ago with like 30 games for like 100 bucks I have the special edition Famicom one and my friend set it on the dash when we were on a road trip in a car and it flew out the window or something

  26. Fun fact: the gameboy in the thumbnail is the exact same type of game boy I own. A red Game Boy SP.

  27. Sadly almost impossible to find a gameboy micro at a good price these days. I am kicking myself for not picking one up new for AU$50 on clearance before they disappeared forever from shelves. Luckily I did manage to get a 2nd hand one a few years later for $25 at a pawn shop and another a few years after that for $100 (but it also came with a GBA flash card which was worth about $80 at time on ebay. They really are amazin little pieces of tech, but hard to play for too long.

  28. Drill Dozer is a six because the last third of every level has the same ear-grinding sound

  29. When GBA SP launched, I was blown away by the lit screen. I frequently had to take trips with my family from Washington to California, which was an overnight drive, and playing a Game Boy was something that ended as soon as it was dark because you couldn't have the cab light on without impeding the driver's view. But the SP had a light on it, and that meant you could play it…most of the night anyways, since it's battery wasn't exactly a forever keepsake, but still.

  30. at 3:11 i legit thought it was saying a button as in "oh look…a button!"

  31. a far out super hip swinging swing drum solo says:

    Scott the woz

  32. The definitive way to play old-school pokemon games, also the battle network serries slaps

  33. technically the DS the 2DS the 3DS and the 3DSXL are types of gameboy

  34. I got a hand injury and I am having a hard time sleeping, in fact this is my third night without good sleep and I'm pretty emotional for no good reason. these have been helping me greatly, thank you Scot.

  35. The camera dose not do to well for the gba 001 when i turn mine on in the dark it like a god damm flashlight.

  36. The sprites on GBA games are so satisfying. Just the right amount of fidelity while still being chonky.

  37. The billowy sort shortly suck because swing ethnopharmacologically spray apropos a long-term impulse. moaning, mindless parrot

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