Game Boy Advance – May 2023 Game Updates – Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack -

Game Boy Advance – May 2023 Game Updates – Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack

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Super Mario™ Advance, Super Mario World™: Super Mario Advance 2™ and Yoshi’s Island™: Super Mario™ Advance 3 games will be available for everyone with a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership as part of the Game Boy™ Advance – Nintendo Switch Online library. These three titles join Super Mario™ Advance 4: Super Mario Bros.™ 3 to complete the Super Mario Advance series on the Nintendo Switch™ system! Plus, an updated version of the original arcade classic Mario Bros.™ is included in every game in the Super Mario Advance series for some POW Block striking, online multiplayer fun for up to four players.

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  1. Why are we getting the GBA version of YI when we already have the SNES version that we can play for F R E E!!!!

  2. Am i in the minority here thinking that having multiple versions of the same game available is just superfluous?

    There are so many great GBA games you could include but we get games that could readily be played on the NES or SNES apps.

  3. I have a challenge for these guys: to port GameCube, DS, Wii, 3DS, and Wii U to the switch. Can they do it?….Honestly, who know?

  4. I do hope they add Mario Party 🎈 3 sooner or later

  5. Where is Kirby and the amazing mirror 😢

  6. Or how about F-Zero Maximum Velocity ?

  7. Why? All three of these games are on switch online Mario all stars.

  8. Very pathetic like seriously what about the Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, or what about the Densetsu no Stafi 1, 2, and 3 series for the GBA. Yeah good thing that I actually owned a green GBA because this is so awful these games are just ports of the originals that’s already on the NES, and SNES Online!

  9. I discovered the right way to clear Super Mario World, first using the star shortcut without getting the coins, then activating the colored blocks without getting the coins, then pass all the stages without getting the coins, then get all the coins, then pass the 8 stages in the center from the star and then replay in different mode.😂
    And the block that turns us into block currency coin look up and step to the side.

    If you do it correctly at the end of the game, a coin will appear. lie or maybe it's true.The intention would be to score the most points without leaving the game massive.

  10. Very useless game since we already have SNES

  11. This is, as 0:20 is this video, piqued in my interest in these excellent game boy advance games.

  12. Brilliant! I'm happy to see more Mario games on the Game Boy Advance make it to the Nintendo Switch! 😃

  13. I'm happy to see the full collection of Mario advance games.

    but on the other hand, I would like to see Nintendo add other games than just putting out different versions of already existing Nintendo games. but I'm happy that Nintendo is releasing games and even though they are gba versions of already existing Mario titles, it's better than nothing. I'm my opinion. and you all have yourselves a good day.

  14. Hoping the addition of mother 3 soon…

  15. I predict mother 3 port in next direct
    If that actually happens ill eat my shirt

  16. Twice this year Nintendo has used the Yoshi’s Island theme to sell a game to me. It’s surprisingly effective.

  17. Err you know these are nes and snes games right?? There is very little point in releasing these before the vast majority of the gba library

  18. This version of Yoshi's Island is the one I grew up with. It was my earliest gaming memory. Can't wait to play again.

  19. Games already available on the NES and SNES catalogs in their best forms… I hope these 3 slots didn't take away from other games being added

  20. It burns that those who don't shell out for switch plus don't get the full handheld catalog.

  21. gba is low key the best handheld of all time. outside of psp. it was like sequel to the sega genisis and snes. or sega saturn if it was 2d anime.

    if nintendo uploads all the gba and ds games and n64 then this might be worth getting a switch.

  22. Nintendo, can you please release Golden sun and Golden sun lost age please??

  23. Pokemon red/ blue/ yellow/ gold / silver/ cristal/ ruby/ saphire and emerald should be next 👁️

  24. pls update mario 64 pls so pls to ride a yoshi

  25. Fire red Water blue and green leaf for GBA

  26. Now if they released donkey kong country 1 2 and 3 for GBA. I will never need to buy another console ever again for emulation!

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