Game boy Advance Longplay [235] TMNT -

Game boy Advance Longplay [235] TMNT

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Played by: NPI

One of the last GBA games to be released. Played on normal difficulty. –
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  1. This looks like it was a really fun game. Odd that it was released on the GBA when the DS was the main handheld system Nintendo was working with at the time.

  2. My childhood 😢 I literally spent hours playing this game and others I had on gameboy advance like spongebob, ultimate spiderman,Kim Possible Etc

  3. NOSTALGIA. the last GBA i wver bought was this tmnt game. brand new, from Walmart as a kid

  4. Raise your likes if you grew up knowing the TMNT of 2007? They are badass, even though I like the CGI 2014-2016 Teenage mutant ninja turtles

  5. The quality of this game is beautiful even till this day

  6. Hmmm, wonder if some of the same also worked on Comix Zone

  7. Did i have to go here @10:49 to get april to show up? I can't get the last trophy.

  8. i just paid $40 for this loose on ebay. used to them being short but an hour n a half? damn

  9. One of the greatest beat em ups on the GBA!

  10. The same developers who made this game would eventually form Tribute Games to create Shredder's Revenge!

  11. Oh, THAT "TMNT" based on the 2007 CGI film. Sorry, but it's not the same without Konami. I know that their last Ninja Turtles from the 2000s weren't too good, but it's the ones from from the 1980s and 90s that will always have a special place in my heart.

  12. Probably the last great Turtles game. Loved this on the GBA.

  13. But I remember a TMNT 2007 video game for the wii

  14. One of the greatest beat'em ups on the GBA without a doubt

  15. JASOE the sentient Eye shaped Galaxy says:

    Dude! This game was my shit during elementary school!

    Still have the GBA right in my house!

  16. Impressionante versão!!! Beat'em Up da Ubisoft… Literalmente!!!! Que incrível!!!

  17. The nostalgia is hitting really hard with this one

  18. Didn't expected to see a longplay of this game at 2020, am glad that I was able to get a DSi a couple of days ago and that I hacked the system just to play roms.

  19. This is my most favorite beat’em up of all time. Comboing and bouncing enemies off walls feels so good.

  20. What's amazing about this game?! Turtles in time/ river city ransom😍😍

  21. Flavio MesthreTV マスターテレビ says:

    Stlyle final fight

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