Game boy Advance Longplay [235] TMNT -

Game boy Advance Longplay [235] TMNT

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Played by: NPI

One of the last GBA games to be released. Played on normal difficulty. –
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  1. Que jogo hein. Pra um GBA fantástico. Congratulacion… Nice job.

  2. i Love This VBA The GBA Emulator I Hope So!

  3. 💪💪💪😎😎😎😎😎😎😍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  4. As I have ever play this game, Leo seems to have all stat higher than other turtles in the end(LV 3).
    And Raphael is the slowest one command attack speed -*- with longest health bar.
    And Michale is pretty fast command with lowest attack.
    And When You press jump button 2 times. The turtles will downward knee to the enemy and bounch up.

  5. Big like dropped 👍 Old Nerd still supporting

  6. Raph didn't think enough was being done to fight crime, so he decided to go out on his own and vandalize everything he could.

  7. Interesting that you go through the entire game without fighting even a single member of the Foot Clan.

  8. Do you ever compete in actual gaming tournaments? You seem to like conquer every single game ever created.

  9. This game gave me nostalgia overdose , music is literally cool!

  10. Nice touch to have included the mini games. The only complaint I had with the game (which imo is better than the console versions) is that in some levels you can't pick some turtles.

  11. Never played or saw this…but looks so much better than the PS2 crap that came out

  12. I can't help but notice that the character models and the animations for the bad guys are very, very similar to the Scott Pilgrim game, which was also made by Ubisoft…

  13. How can you tell in the purple boss which one is the real guy when he splits in three?

  14. Now this was my game when i was younger🔥🔥

  15. Such a good game I remember running through this ten times every day

  16. This was a good portion of my earlier childhood

  17. This has to be the most well-designed beat-em up game for TMNT. My nostalgic moods is strong as a shell.

  18. Here because the same people are making Shredders Revenge

  19. Here after Shredder's revenge announcement

  20. This game is awesome, Shredders Revenge remember much this version too, good times, thanks to DoTEmu for the new game

  21. This game looks so "Scott Pilgrim".

  22. Best tmnt for ever, want an 2021 tmnt games like ''Spiderman'' or '' '' avengers'' styling

  23. I played this game on the GBA and it was super fun!

  24. Can't believe the devs made Scott Pilgrim and are working on Shredder's Revenge.

  25. I remebered how I sleep late at night because of this when I was a child and now I sleep late at night cuz of school works yikes

  26. Interesting game this was, and was sort of like T.M.N.T. meets River City Ransom in a way. I do have it, even if I never had the patience to finish it all the way though.

  27. I used to be mad that I got this instead of Pokemon Emerald like my brother did
    When I was younger

  28. This game came into my mind after rewatching the movie!! I remember playing this years ago, and struggled tremendously! XD 😂😭

  29. I wish I had this version instead of the gamecube one. Its one of those rare cases where the handheld game is better than the console game

  30. Games were much more fun back then. Not that wannabe correct crap of today. I mean, you were smacking dogs with a baseball bat in this game. We sold it to kids haha

  31. Had this game as a gift when I was recovering from Back Surgery. Fun game

  32. Is just me of the music in this game sounds a lot like Comix Zone, I had to check if the composer was the same and it wasn't, I still feel a very similar vibe from both ost.

  33. I love this game both on this and on PS2.

  34. The Scott Pilgrim team def worked on this one!

  35. Cannot wait to get this in September! Getting my GBA soon, I already have the 2003 Game, can’t wait to play that too

  36. Fuck what is up with the Dog Abuse in this Game? 😂

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