Game Boy Advance Longplay [174] Mario vs. Donkey Kong -

Game Boy Advance Longplay [174] Mario vs. Donkey Kong

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Spiritual sequel of the Game Boy’s Donkey Kong. Played for 100%, collected all through all of the difficulties:

00:01:03 Normal Levels
01:37:54 Plus Levels
02:39:27 Expert Levels
03:00:07 e-Reader Levels

e-Reader levels are released on the e-cards, but they also can be accessed with a cheat. –
Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!


  1. Is there any other games Mario-Mini follows Mario? I searching for one from my childhood.

  2. [DK runs away with the toys]
    Mario: No you don't! >:(

  3. I came here looking how the first one was and i can see how march of the minis came from this

  4. Dang I would love to another game like this this game was awesome also poor donkey kong all he just wanted was a toy im pretty sure if he asked matio he would have game him one he should know stealing is bad since k rool stole his bananas

  5. How is it that Donkey Kong can squeeze into the key door, but Mario can't, even though he's like 1/2 of his size?…. Not to mention DK is carrying a big-ass bag wtf

  6. I could barely cry.. i remember when i was ill at hospital and i didnt want to stay alone in the hospital so my mom promised me to buy this Gameboy with that Mario game. Oh it was suprisingly good and i forgot everything and Played that at night till i was healthy again. Oh man i could literally cry how time flys.. vest childhood

  7. Here in 2021 still playing this game!😂😂 I remember as a kid loving the little “movie” at the beginning thinking it was so realistic LOL

  8. My dad plays this on his game boy advance he still has it just for the memories I play too

  9. the sound of those jumps is engraved into my mind

  10. They really should remake this game for Switch.

  11. I was not born yet when this game came out but back in 2015 as a child, I wanted to play this gane really bad but Idk where to find a GBA

  12. Omg I legit spent like a year wondering if this game was something I dreamt up, but it felt so real, so I looked at every Mario gba game and this is it, this games sound effects are crazy nostalgic because since I didn’t have a phone back in those days, I used to go into the sound settings and listen to all the sounds and songs on the sound test, can’t believe I found it lol, it wasn’t a dream

  13. Oh!Mario!

  14. Somehow, my aunt got this on her and my 3D’s when we were young

  15. Never could finish the fire volcano stage in new game plus when I was a kid but the ending is so wholesome

  16. This game was the best. Loved the music, the gameplay everything, I lost my copy recently I ordered a new one


    Hm….I see….

  18. Kaleb Mario Vs Donkey Kong GBA Kaleb Home 2004 ESRB E Everyone January 2006 Complete Finish!

  19. I broke my Red Gameboy Advance SP because of this game. Deadass ripped it in half cause this game made me rage so much lmaoo

  20. Oh my god that mini mario say mario so cute i love it 13:05 ah mario say baby oh my god i love Mario 42:00

  21. had this game when I were younger and I completely forgot about it until now. holy fuck the nostalgia and the struggle I had trying to complete these levels as my 4/6 year old self. wow how time flies…

  22. I can’t be the only one who thinks those red berries on the world 2 and world 2 plus boss look like red fruit gushers.

  23. I know i've played this game when i was younger, but… Why do i feel like that memory is not there, or why this memory is not that clear, i find it very weird, i'm suposed to feel nostalgic, but i don't feel like that.

  24. I remember the plus levels being beyond difficult to complete!!!!!!

  25. I remember being six playing this on a cruise ship take me back.

  26. I love that game. I can remember being disappointed af when mario vs dk 2 was released to DS…


  27. why donkey kong just go to ebay or amazon and get scalp alot scalpers there nintendo xbox and sony support scalpers yet they should go to jail

  28. 55:33 kiddy Kong I wish donkey Kong game boy enemies come back

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