Game Boy Advance Longplay [174] Mario vs. Donkey Kong -

Game Boy Advance Longplay [174] Mario vs. Donkey Kong

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Spiritual sequel of the Game Boy’s Donkey Kong. Played for 100%, collected all through all of the difficulties:

00:01:03 Normal Levels
01:37:54 Plus Levels
02:39:27 Expert Levels
03:00:07 e-Reader Levels

e-Reader levels are released on the e-cards, but they also can be accessed with a cheat. –
Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!


  1. The graphics look surprisingly good for a game on the GBA.

  2. This was such a nostalgia trip for me! But I swear if one of those mini's say "Oh MaRio" one more time…

  3. Slot A new game
    Slot B new game
    Slot C new game

  4. Esta versión de DK en el final me dio algo de ternura xd

  5. Screw the game, the graphics though!😍 truly a masterpiece. Only if they made good games like this today. It would defo sell alot if they released this one again

  6. My next door neighbor and I took turns playing this game from the fence in our backyard

  7. The Intro is how it was hunting amiibos back in 2014 though 2016

  8. i played this game 7 years ago and i still remeber every single level😂😆

  9. I had this on my nintendo 3ds but snapped my 3ds cause of it

  10. It's better to Do Handstand double jump to get to platforms in the Final Boss cause Handstand jumps can prevent Falling Objects

  11. i don't care what you guys said, this is definitely in my top 100 best games.

  12. Expert levels for the japanese version at the end?? INSANE!

  13. I miss this. Pls have this in nintendo switch :/

  14. I remember getting this game as a Christmas present as a kid. Kinda sad this is the only time they revisited the Donkey Kong 94 gameplay style. This game was fun, but all later games are just less creative Lemmings-style games.

  15. Tio so no fuera por tu nunca pasaria del novel final

  16. NSMB but it’s game boy advance and has a more original storyline rather than “Peach gets captured, Mario kills bowser, princess saved.”

  17. This is the game that made me play it all night without sleeping.

  18. Best childhood game ever 😭😭😭😭

  19. This is going next on the to do list, downside it’s veeeeerrrery long!

  20. I have Soucy a visceral memory of the sounds of this game, the little cranking sounds, Mario’s voice, the grunts & stuff, I stg I still get the sound effects stuck in my head . Me & my little bro played this for hours & hours as a kid

  21. I feel old…

    This should release on mobile

  22. I feel bad for DK. He just wanted to have some Mario toys. Plus that means that he's a fan of Mario and he wants to support him. But Mario is like… You're on the nutty list DK. You get NO TOYS.

  23. You just unlocked memories I didn’t even know existed

  24. Devia ser relançado pro Switch algum dia!!!

  25. This was one of GBA tiltes that i've played long ago, back as kid…
    I still missed those series… 😔 If at least they the new Nintendo IP to do an new game for the Nintendo Switch console, i'd glad this unique puzzle franchise reboot back after many years forgotten… 😅

  26. Why do I stay up at 3am watching these videos

  27. When I played this game on my computer, I got to World 3 before the whole game reset itself

  28. crazy underrated mario game, my favorite on the gameboy for sure

  29. I only got to get to the lava section because saving wasn’t on the Gameboy I used, but now I get to enjoy every last part of it 🥹

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