Game Boy Advance Longplay [161] Dragon Ball GT: Transformation -

Game Boy Advance Longplay [161] Dragon Ball GT: Transformation

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The least likeable of the Dragon Ball series. This is a nice game, tho. It follows the story through the Bebi saga. –
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  1. I wish they would’ve had web foot make this in the legacy’s of Goku play style or as a follow up to buus fury

  2. -Ball scatteree through the galaxy
    -if not returned in one year the earth will explode.
    Nice logic there toei.

  3. wish back his people asa well why only the planet

  4. what if goku shin and the old kai had fused using the potara earings hat if baby tufflized majuub because ifiam not wrong buu gace up his individuality right so it is only uub with lots of strength only buu had resistance to being a tuffle what if baby tufflized moro granolah the bojack gangf broly the heaters granolah after he made his wish to be the worlds strongest moro after he had absorbed android 73 android 17 and android 18 cell frieza hryudergarm janmeba

  5. childhood memories.. but this game was so hard af not like this

  6. I had this game as a kid I swear all the good games I had as a kid were either stolen or disappear 🤣

  7. How are you able to destroy baby vegeta with normal form but fail when you use your super saiyan 3 form

  8. Dragon Ball GT: Transformation was…meh. beat'em up games are fun and all, but I wish Dragon Ball GT: Transformation was part of The Legacy of Goku series instead of being a side-scrolling beat'em up.

  9. 90s babies we had the best time. GameBoy and DS day's. I bought this game in 2005.

  10. I really like how they improved since the Legacy of Goku.. I still have this game 💙

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