Game Boy Advance Longplay [105] Dragonball Advanced Adventure (a) -

Game Boy Advance Longplay [105] Dragonball Advanced Adventure (a)

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Played by: Ravenlord

There is already old longplay of this, but that longplay is only Goku story mode, beside that there is many more great stuff in this game. In this longplay I did not record Goku Story mode again as it was already recorded before, here I recorded other two main features and that is Goku Extra mode with all bonus stuff collected and Story mode with Krillin –
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  1. Where is your longplay of Rayman 3 Advance?!

  2. Where is your longplay of Rayman 3 Advance?!

  3. this is such a great game. why didnt they make a second one or dragon ball z version?

  4. Wow do I miss this game , I remember I accidentally stumbled across my early birthday presents and this was upon them, ended up stealing the game playing it for a hour then putting it back and had to fake react when I opened it up the next morning

  5. This game really is great, I really hoped they make a second one of dragon ball Z

  6. Fuck man I'm so sad I loved this game so much can't believe I broke my game boy and lost my game

  7. Wait during the finals in the first tournament Goku actually lost to Tien.

  8. lol. i am playing this game right now. and i am stuck… .-.

  9. I want this but it’s expensive on eBay

  10. Why when I verse him I only have one red health bar is it maybe because it’s Japanese version

  11. this waa a good game. along with dragonball gt transformation

  12. Just picked this game up. Had never even heard of it… played it, beat it, LOVED it. A solid gem!

  13. I played this game as a kid, I didn’t even know what dragon ball was at that time, lol. and I still loved it, I even knew how to juggle ( if you don’t know, juggling is hitting your opponents many time in the air making sure they don’t fall down so you can keep an endless combo)

  14. i regret selling my gba sp and all the games with it back in 2009 i had sold it for 15dollars then each game for 1.5 dollars
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  15. I remember always trying to kill old Piccolo in the beginning (the part where you're supposed to die), I got REALLY close too but died just the same.

  16. Dragon ball advanced adventure remastered everyone?

  17. This game gave me so much joy , when I was little . The animation and pictures quality was top notch at its time also

  18. How did I miss this game. This is a solid 10/10

  19. I was way surprised when I played this. The first dragon ball I ever played was Dragon Power back on nes, a few others then I found what I thought was the best DB game I ever played DBZ Budokai 3. This is right up there with it. This is a 8 or 9 out of 10 in the DB verse. A must own for DB fans. Way more fun than I thought it would be. I wish I owned this.

  20. how do i do that wall jump in the game to get past that big wall outside the red ribbon army base

  21. Best part of this game is animation and exploring. When u collect all dragon balls and some items. U will be able to use all characters in the game. And do whatever u want 😂

  22. I think I've gotten to tien I've passed goku and Krillin or I'm on Krillin irdk

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