Game Boy Advance Longplay [074] Naruto: Ninja Council -

Game Boy Advance Longplay [074] Naruto: Ninja Council

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Played by: Stenio_Henrique

The first Naruto game for GBA. A very simple game with story mode of Naruto only.

Optimal gameplay , variety of weapons and jutsus 😉 –
Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!


  1. Ugh… whoever did the sound effects and music for this game should be taken out back and shot.

  2. This fucking game. My most popular videos are of this game, and when they get comments- which used to be often- it was all people telling me I suck.

    Maybe. But not as much as this game.

  3. My first naruto game is exactly this one xdd

  4. You and Sporeduck hate the music in this game? Then you'll love the music in the sequel Ninja Council 2. Just Longplayed it, and it's just as bad.
    The sequel is weird though, there isn't any Character sound effects, just bad background music and sounds.

  5. This game looks far more complex than the sequel. Ninja Council 2 seems very dumbed down compared to this.

  6. when i was little i always beat it as naruto and sasuke and and never got 100% what happens if u get 100%?

  7. I still don't understand why Naruto games doesn't have Naruto music…like in the show. It would be much better…

  8. Man, I remember Orochimaru being impossible for some reason. 

  9. So where was this ninja "Council" ….. Naruto Shovelware are it's finest I guess.

  10. Could've used Harem jutsu on Ebisu and failed Naruto Barrage on Kiba for instant kill

  11. I don't remember that you had to defeat an A-ranked nukenin and a S-ranked nukenin to pass…a test, knowing that you are a Genin.

  12. 56:20

    I've remembered that melody for over 10 years now. Always thought it was an awesome way to start a stage.

  13. looks awesome i want to buy it now.

  14. Look no upload videos as Naruto alse on Sakura and Hinata.

  15. Im playing this in cellphone but sasuke is better than naruto…

  16. it is still better than todays naruto android

  17. I remember playing this game and I could get out OF THAT FUCKING PIT idk why

  18. This game is so childlish but i like the graphics
    Its so incredible

  19. one of the first games! Oof I played the shit out of Ninja Council 1 and 2

  20. Он у меня с наруто и сейчас есть😊

  21. I was like 4 when I played this game and I didn’t know the buttons to walk up the walls so I basically never passed… lmao 😂

  22. Tengo el caset pero no tengo el game boy

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