Game Boy Advance Longplay [070] Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure -

Game Boy Advance Longplay [070] Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure

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Played by: Spikestuff

101% Completion of this game.
I finish 3 levels without collecting all the boxes as I have to return to them later with a coloured (colored) gem.
All relics are platinum which makes it a full completion.

Enjoy this LongPlay.

The Europe and Japanese version have no difference besides their language.
Europe’s version is titled as XS and Japan’s version is Advance. –
Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!


  1. Future frenzy is like Crash Bandicoot warped

  2. I remember for some reason it was really hard to come by this game on cartridge many years ago for some reason. I would only find N. Tranced which was pretty alright but this one had a more simpler Crash feel

  3. I put Crash Bandicoot at the top of the list of best GBA games

  4. And now we have Crash team racing Nitro fuled 🥰 mega mix

  5. Story about this game. When I was really little like 5 or 6 in 2003 my papaw got me a solid purple gameboy advanced and i thought it was best thing in the world because I'd never had anything like of before, I was used to just playing with old toys or things I found in the woods. I stayed with my grandparents a lot because my parents were all over the place wasn't a good situation. I brought it home with me and my dad took it, he played it constantly. I asked him once if I could take a turn and for some reason that infuriated him and he picked me up and threw me against the wall and screamed at me. I never asked to play it again and I have no idea what happened to it 🤣 10/10 childhood memories 🤣🤣

  6. Crash of the titans on psp and console is a good game don't @ me

  7. Super Master Plays #2

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  8. I have played this multiple times but have never been able to beat the game 100 percent like I wanted to

  9. I can't tell what music track the Jetpack levels are supposed to be remixed from. I thought it was a brand new piece.

  10. Brings back alot of memories, this was actually THE crash game i got the most platinum time relics on.

  11. This game is a gem in my childhood. I still have my GBA and every game I got for it! So fun!


    The green and yellow gem paths have crates so you didn't got the gems until you collect green and yellow gems.

  13. 👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟💎💎🌟🌟🌟🌟.

  14. Every piece of my childhood when I was 6 years old, including this one, are one complete puzzle of my time in my days of old, nevertheless, my future children will soon have my childhood to understand what makes us gamers for life.

  15. The nostalgia is real! This is part of my childhood. 2000s kid here!

  16. I really wish I owned this as a kid 🙁 Nobody told me it would be prerendered 3d! I thought these gba Crash games would be cartoony 2d. This would honestly be impressive just for early Playstation (1995-96,) let alone GBA. Well, at least I can play it now 😌

  17. Memoriable! Crash bandicoot is masterpiece game in play station!

  18. this game sucks this game is just a mix of crash 2 and 3

  19. one of my first games, graphics were pretty good for a GBA, especially those 3D chase scenes

  20. too much nostalgia with this game. As a kid, the graphics was so fucking good!

  21. How did you reach that tnt in the bonus level of level 10

  22. Queria saber como dar essa pancada de barriga dele

  23. Eu comprei um sngames mais não tou conseguindo

  24. I remember that if you press and hold the L and R buttons on the loading screen you can active a secret mini game of dance

  25. this music just sent me on the hardest nostalgia trip

  26. То чувство, когда через 12 лет с того момента как играл в эту игру , вспомнил ,что не прошел ее до конца и тебя начинает это бесить , но скачать игру уже невозможно(

  27. Heh, just got to level three using an emulator, so … yeah, this game is difficult.

  28. 1:43:52 Coco: Super! You got all the crystals! Let's hope there's enough power in these to reverse Cortex's dirty work.

  29. 90s kids♥️♥️ ma childhood plz come back😣😣


  31. GBA games have a certain appeal to them that other consoles don't, and it's this appeal that makes it one of my favourite consoles.

  32. I really want these guys to remake these games and put them in a duo collection

  33. I play this game when I was a kid and then what I like is passing those levels

  34. Damn it i used to play this as a child OmG love it

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