Game Boy Advance Longplay [070] Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure -

Game Boy Advance Longplay [070] Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure

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Played by: Spikestuff

101% Completion of this game.
I finish 3 levels without collecting all the boxes as I have to return to them later with a coloured (colored) gem.
All relics are platinum which makes it a full completion.

Enjoy this LongPlay.

The Europe and Japanese version have no difference besides their language.
Europe’s version is titled as XS and Japan’s version is Advance. –
Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!


  1. I like the bosses. Although I do wish that they fixed the saving your game because every te I stop playing it, I have to replay all the levels again

  2. Brings back childhood memories. Good times.

  3. Too bad the Crash Bandicoot GBA games weren’t top-down or 3D.

  4. Wow the nostalgia. I dearly miss this game

  5. Lol u rember playing this on roadtrip to province

  6. How did they develope that 3D section!?

  7. I'm just waiting until they remaster wrath of cortex or any other one

  8. I Like Crash im gonna sleep 💤 😴 😪

  9. The outer space level reminds me of something from a science fiction movie

  10. The departure from the sea when the song plays, seems meditative truth

  11. This is literally the long last crash game I remember playing ❤️

  12. nintendo should be release Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure from GBA with better graphic visual Awesome or better in the Nintendo DS version

  13. The music of the second level (the underwater one) is simply beautiful ❤❤❤

  14. Sou muito pika
    zero em 1 segundo sem olhar pra tela

  15. When yours still works like its new but you cant beat the second floor so you just look up the finished version of it

  16. Damn I used to play this on my Gameboy good times

  17. Umm That big polar bear running on two legs is way more terrifying than crash 2

  18. The chase and flying pack stages looks pretty nice for GBA standards, I would say that they did a good job at making this game.



    1: JUNGLE JAM – 42

    2. SHIPWRECKED – 63

    3. TEMPLE OF BOOM – 74


    5. JUST IN SLIME – 134

    BOSS #1: DINGODILE (unlock Super Body Slam)


    6. SNOW CRASH – 92

    7. ROCKET RACKET – 37

    8. JUST HANGIN’ – 154

    9. SHARK ATTACK – 26

    10. RUINED – 89

    BOSS #2: DR. N. GIN (unlock Double Jump)


    11. SNOW JOB – 96

    12. ACE OF SPACE – 194

    13. SUNKEN CITY – 54

    14. DOWN THE HOLE – 97

    15. BLIMP BONANZA – 41

    BOSS #3: TINY TIGER (unlock Tornado Spin)


    16. STAR TO FINISH – 113

    17. AIR SUPPLY – 49

    18. NO-FLY ZONE – 56

    19. DRIP, DRIP, DRIP – 125

    20. FINAL COUNTDOWN – 119

    FINAL BOSS: DR. NEO CORTEX (unlock Turbo Run)

    MEGAMIX 101% BONUS LEVEL – 111 – Earned when you collect all Gems and Relics

    Stats: 21 Levels, 4 bosses, 1,880 crates, 20 crystals, 20 Relics, 25 Gems, 101% completion
    And a lot of fun (in my opinion)

  20. Man… Crash 2 and Warped's soundtracks fit really well on the GBA!
    1:28 I can only imagine the absolute disaster occurring on the Earth where his fingers are. Somewhere in Asia and lower North America from the looks of it.

  21. I know I’m not the only one who was horrible at this game as a child, but the moment I become an adult it seems so easy to beat

  22. I remember when I was younger I hated the underwater level… Always made me rage… I raged on them all when I died tbh but the underwater one really got me upset lol

  23. Thanks 4 sharing this game play.
    This is 1 of the fewest Crash games that I never had a pleasure playing. 😥
    Well who knows. Perhaps 1 day…

  24. this video just casually gets on my recommended 8 years later

  25. I played this game a lot on my brothers game boy advance

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