Game Boy Advance Longplay [055] Fire Emblem (part 01 of 10) -

Game Boy Advance Longplay [055] Fire Emblem (part 01 of 10)

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Longplay of game Fire Emblem, (known in Japan as Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken) is a epic tactical RPG game for the Game Boy Advance, developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo and is the first Fire Emblem title to be released outside of Japan. A version of this story revolves around three main characters: Lyn (a warrior born Sacaen Plains had killed his parents and his grandfather, Lord Hausen, kidnapped and poisoned by the evil Lundgren, who want at all costs to usurp the throne of the kingdom) , Eliwood (the son of Lord Elbert, Marquess of Pherae, and Lady Eleanora, Eliwood is a noble on a quest to find his father, who had Been kidnapped by the Dark Druid, Nergal. Objectives his soon change, However, and Eliwood fights a group of assassins called the Black Fang) and Hector (he is an ax-wielder and is the young brother of Uther, the Marquess Caelin). Under the supervision of Mark (default name), a military instructor, our heroes travel the world to try to stop the evil plans of Nergal, the real leader of a criminal organization called Black Fang and knowing many characters who will join the team. The big difference is that Fire Emblem unlike most RPGs, who die and never come back and also has the triangle system of weapons and spells. Each character has unique characteristic personality and also in support skils (used to make characters that have affinity talk). A game with many memorable characters, like the lords, Sain, Kent, Raven (my favorite), Jaffar, Guy, Bartre, Matthew, Florina, Rebecca, Harken, Karel, Fiora, Heath and many others. This longplay have the journeys of Lyn and Eliwood (the Hector journey coming soon, please wait)!

This longplay was a very special request of my dear friend Miho/Midna, a big fan of Fire Emblem like me, I love you princess. 3 –
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  1. I actually playing this game I didn't understand what to do after defeating the dude in the throne room lmao

  2. The best part of the GBA games were their critical attack animations

  3. Pokemon Ruby will always be the best game period. For any system

  4. I was a baby when I played this bruh. I remember I got the final boss to 1hp and hit him with the sword and it said something like “no damage” then he ended my shit 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. arena in the lyn tale nothing

  6. I love how this game is hella strict about leveling.if you level up one ally too much,the others will fall behind. If you are too balanced however,you won’t have a heavy hitter to deal with bosses. Which is why it Makes me soo sad when I lost a ally,but at the same time happy so I can lay my others level up.

  7. For any gamer this is one of the most nostalgic titles of the early 2000s. It really invokes such a simpler, more positive time in life. I love how considering the story of the game, it's presented in such a fun, colourful, exciting way. This is definitely one of my top ten handheld titles of all time.

  8. One of the best games that come out at this year. I am remember buying this and playing this like a month or so.. Nostalgie…

  9. Dumb question. But how do I get characters back if they’re knocked out in a battle?🤔
    This is the first experience with a Fire Emblem title, and I like it so far. I’ve been searching for a tactical game after enjoying FF Tactics Advance.

  10. im so pissed i lost this game during my childhood. cant stomach to pay $200 for a cib copy 🥲

  11. Child: "Mom! Can we have XCOM?"
    Mom: "We have XCOM at home."

    XCOM at home:

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