Game Boy Advance Longplay [053] Jackie Chan Adventures - Legend of the Darkhand -

Game Boy Advance Longplay [053] Jackie Chan Adventures – Legend of the Darkhand

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  1. I played the shit out of this. Great game with a great soundtrack.

  2. The first game I've ever played on gba next to incredible hulk so much fun memories I'll have to play this game again on my emulator

  3. How do you pick up the weapons? It says on Gamefaqs that you press both l and r. It doesn't work, and I'm using a perfectly functional Xbox 360 wired controller.

  4. bro back when i was a dumb kid i could never beat the game cause i didnt know how to roll through the gate. throwwback right here!

  5. This was the Best Game on GBA after Mortal KOmbat

  6. I used to play this obsessively! Man I miss my childhood

  7. Are you playing on easy? Maybe is one of those games that are better off played on hard.

  8. geim iz weru super 😊🙂💚👏👍

  9. Я играл в такую игру в далёком 2009 году я Вальмонта победил а следующего босса я победить и не мог только в 2012 году мне плойку разбили на соревнованиях

  10. This game was ahead of its time haha god I’m remembering the countless hrs I would spent on this game in my room growing up 😂

  11. Xiao Fung. Tso Lan. Bai Tza. and Shendu was only Demon Sorcerers appeared this game


  13. jeez this is burned in the back of my brain

  14. I am crying! 😭❤

    Destructible surroundings in a jackie chan game for GBA!

  15. Omg this game was so good. I haven’t seen it in years

  16. This game looks like it holds up. I have my copy from when I was a kid and havent touched it in years. Soundtrack is fire

  17. I remember I used to play this game every day going to and from elementary school with my buddies

  18. I used to play this all the time i think i still have the card tho BUT IT GOT MISPLACED😭 and i got no chargers

  19. Back when games were actually fun and challenging

  20. The minute I heard the music it brought back so much memories 🥺🥺

  21. Top Jeux Vidéo Top Souvenir 😉👍🐉.

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