Game Boy Advance Longplay [005] Scooby-Doo: Mystery Mayhem -

Game Boy Advance Longplay [005] Scooby-Doo: Mystery Mayhem

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Velma’s old librarian, has been put in charge of the Hambridge Library, unfortunately it seems to be haunted,
and he has asked Mystery Inc. to look into the problem… –
Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!


  1. Ima flex on the comment section cause I beat this game on gameboy and it was hard but I did it lol

  2. I remember when I couldn’t pass that last level. Now, I don’t remember if I ever did pass it. But that shit was so fucking hard :((

  3. I remember this game wayyy differently for some reason

  4. I remember braking my game boy after failing at the last part

  5. Lol kid me was too scared to do any level with zombies. Made my mom do it hahah

  6. I liked this game because it is color full and my favoirite cartoon

  7. i used to get scared playing this game lolol

  8. Agh, don’t eat the Scooby snacks when you don’t need them!

  9. I'm crying right now. The nostalgia makes me wanna commit

  10. I remember waking up on Christmas Day opening my presents then my dad said get the cereal out the cupboard I’m gonna make some breakfast, so I went over to the cupboard and there was 2 more presents and he said Santa must’ve left them especially for me, I opened them and it was the gameboy advance and scooby doo. Probably the best and most memorable Christmas ❤️

  11. This game used to be scary at night 😭😂

  12. sad history, i used to have this game, but when a travel to the US i left one of my two Game Boy Advance in a restaurant with the game on it, i was like 5 years old, and that was in like 2011

  13. Why did my brain randomly remember this after 12 years

  14. Do you really have to stay on each line of dialogue so long?

  15. The music for the final stage slaps so hard

  16. Can this game be downloaded to phones?

  17. Yo this game is so nostalgic
    Reminds me of when I was younger sleeping over at my cousins playing this on gba
    Good times ❤️


    This is very nice game

  19. ᴛᴏᴍᴍʏ_ʜɪʟʟғɪɪɢᴇʀʀ says:

    Дааа уж были времена

  20. This and ray man on road trips hit different also why did I just do randomly remember this weird but this was hard as hell Jesus

  21. Anyone almost reaching 30 and remember playing this jewel?

  22. Yendo por el último capítulo , me había olvidado de las duchas apagaincendios 😊👍 Gracias por subirlo 🤜🤛.

  23. I remember when I was kid it's was hard the begin with ghosts and parkours… but it's still funny to bring back memories 🤣

  24. I played this game for the first time 17 years ago today and afraid I never made it past the first level! I just gave up! I was more interested in the Harry Potter PC Roms then

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