Game Boy Advance Games (GBA) Mario, Zelda, Pokemon & more -

Game Boy Advance Games (GBA) Mario, Zelda, Pokemon & more

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In this video, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some facts, secrets and Easter eggs surrounding Game Boy Advance games, this includes GBA games like Super Mario Advance, The Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, Mother 3, and more!

Special thanks to Jacob Newcomb for Japanese translations, and to PushDustIn for images of the issue of Nintendo Dream.

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  1. Hearing this channel talk that much about Kamen Rider is both very weird and very satisfying, being a huge fan myself.

  2. Better watch it fast before Nintendo's legal hit squad obliterates it.

  3. Seeing TFS legacy of Goku footage on here is a bit funny to me- I watched it back when they were playing it, and it's even where I pulled my current icon from. I know you guys use whatever footage is available and clean, but it was a quick blast to the brain for me haha

  4. Ok but like you don’t haft to say that you have more exclusive info mutable times throughout the video to keep people watching. It’s starting to get on my nerve and I’m only 17ish minutes in.

  5. Anything involving Golden Sun gets an automatic like from me. Maybe one day it'll be back.

  6. Nintendo seems to really dislike Minish Cap, almost never referencing it, so it doesn't surprise me that the kinstones never returned to the series 🙁

  7. Wow lots of new trivia here! Love the metroid rendering one, never even noticed!

  8. This was a great episode, DidYouKnowGaming is definitely getting its second wind.
    I love how after every bit of trivia he's like "HOLD ON, PLEASE KEEP WATCHING TO THE END!"
    I get it, viewer retention is a B

  9. That “weird looking” unfinished Goku portrait is just the portrait from Legacy of Goku 1 and/or 2 I believe…

    Almost all portraits in those games look a bit weird.

  10. Are japanese ppl really that racist that they never mention this stuff online? How come none have ever mentioned on some online forum that there was this interview in our official nintendo magazine that said etc. Same goes for other things.
    When someone ask me what this line in polish czech or german means i just tell them or share info about stuff i love online but not the pll from japan they refuse to translate even 1 line of kanji unless i send some cash to their paypal or other shit site. And i only had this problem when it comes to them no other country i have been to does that.

  11. “We got ex-CLUSIVE information!!!11”

    – Proceeds to tell me of a soft lock that happened to me decades ago

  12. So.. this is the god that made nintendo lose a demand huh.

  13. Yeah, the "goofy looking unfinished portrait" of Goku? That's his regular portrait from DBZ Legacy of Goku 2, actually.

  14. that Luigi laugh makes me laugh, I really need that on the cutting room floor.

  15. Why does he say “Minotaur” like that? Do British people just say it that way? Cockatrice too. 21:45

  16. Thanks!
    16:16 is actually from Legacy Of Goku 2. So they had reuse assets portraits but they made new ones
    Also can you make a video on Yakuza or Judge series before Ishin gets released? Also to do videos on Sega games since Nintendo & Sega were rival companies.

  17. 2:52 So… you discovered that hacking the game to lose an unloseable battle softlocks the game… wow. what riveting, secret, and EXCLUSIVE info you are unearthing!

  18. PC Gamers, the vegans of the gaming world, bearing a snob/angry face: consoles sucks! I can run this year's games in 8K/240 FPS with RTX on on my $5000 PC!

    Me, smiling ear to ear: God, I love my Nintendo handhelds! Such charm! Such fun and interesting games!

    P.-S.: I know most PCs and mobile devices can run most handhelds nowadays but NOTHING beats the charm of the real deal.

  19. So, mentioning the Gradius awakened a memory that is still technically a mystery

    The Gradius is a secret Sword available in Vandal Hearts 2 (PS1). You can game shark the sword in, but there are non hacking ways of getting it. It's still unclear HOW to get it, but rumors include having PoliceNauts data on your memory card and reaching a certain point in the game.

    And yet, there's still no conclusive data. Is this something you might be keen on helping discover?

  20. I'm pretty sure that "goofy looking" Goku portrait is from the beginning of legacy of Goku two in which Gohan has a nightmare where Frieza has disguised himself has Goku (somehow). It looked goofy to me even as a kid looking at it in the correct context.

  21. 4:24

    You know exactly which area of Luigi's was hit when it landed and you can feel his agonizing pain.

  22. Wish I hadn't sold my CIB minish cap…. 😣

  23. I don't get the Ruby & Sapphire glitch part, so you can't dive there anyway in the japanese version?

  24. Kamen rider getting more love? I wish you guys could do videos on the many…many…japan exclusives


  26. I don't think the revelation that if you hack the game you can softlock it is trivia lol.

  27. Just change the channel name to "DidYouKnowNintendo?" Or "DidYouKnowPokemon?" at this point.

  28. In drilldozer, the red outfit with the yellow v gave me viewtiful Joe vibes

  29. So it's not pronounced "Eye-n-hair-ee-arr"?

  30. I's "THE Minish Cap", not "Minish Cap". It's a pun on "Diminish" for crying out loud. It doesn't work without "the" -__-'

  31. Not trying to be mean here, but you guys keep saying in your videos how you have "exclusive" facts but then say that you translated the fact from a Japanese magazine. Something that was published in a magazine previously isn't "exclusive" to your channel. Alright, now everyone go ahead and reply telling me how nit-picky I am.


  33. OOOOooo interesting Final Fantasy Tactics Advance fact!

  34. It’s been like 20 years and I still don’t know what happened to my gameboy advance. I lost it.

  35. at 16:17, I'm pretty sure that's not unfinished. That's the portrait the used in the Legacy of Goku II, so it was technically used before.

  36. That Goofy Picture of Goku is the picture they use in the prequel game DBZ Legacy of goku 2

  37. I absolutely love how super Mario advance 2 has a 3 hour wait only for the game to fix itself. It's almost intentional

  38. Love the GBA! Keep the console and it's games alive!

  39. 16:57 thanks for talking about this game! It's one of my favorites from the gba generation, but nobody talks about it.

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