Game Boy Advance Games (GBA) Mario, Zelda, Pokemon & more -

Game Boy Advance Games (GBA) Mario, Zelda, Pokemon & more

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In this video, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some facts, secrets and Easter eggs surrounding Game Boy Advance games, this includes GBA games like Super Mario Advance, The Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, Mother 3, and more!

Special thanks to Jacob Newcomb for Japanese translations, and to PushDustIn for images of the issue of Nintendo Dream.

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  1. OH GOLDEN SUN! Never expected it 😀 just like GS 4… sadly…but one day…maybe?

  2. Did you really need to repeat to not leave the video? That was a little annoying to me.

  3. It makes me so happy to see Minish Cap, my fav Zelda game. It was so creative and detailed. Revisiting places while tiny was awesome.

  4. I was just playing this game.. missed 2 fusions 😭

  5. The laughing audio clips got a good chuckle out of me. Especially Luigi

  6. fucking thank you for spoiling mother 3

  7. 9:49 – You'd think that all that hunger for Metroid games would clue Nintendo in that they should re-release those GBA titles for the Switch, but nooooooo.

  8. This video reminded me of the amazing variety of games the Game Boy Advance has to offer, such an excellent console.

  9. One time I had a friend over in like 6th grade. We were playing Ruby and Saphire all night. I had Ruby he had Sapphire. When I woke up in the morning I had a Latios in my party (that I had caught) and also one in my Bank named Fred or something like that. One of the most weird/ unexplainable things thats ever happened to me. Hahaha

  10. Do interviews like these still happen? As in are Japanese developers of, say the newer pokémon games, still being interviews by magazines? I'm intrigued as the industry seems more hermetic these days when it comes to stuff like that. I hope I'm wrong

  11. 8:51 But what if you hacked in Shadow Tag (maybe by making Wobbufet a starter and spamming mirror coat because a level 2 poochyena isn't going to have special attacks) or Mean Look?

  12. Did you know in pokemon red or fire red cant remember witch one it works on. There is a guy left of nugget bridge in misty's city (do not battle him) if you came back after you can use the HM fly! stand above him off screen then walk down and press start at the same time! it will pause the game at the same time he activates. fly back to misty's city then run back to the guy to the left of nugget bridge and check the grass he stands in. the first encounter will be mew!

  13. 22:22 That can be said of literally every non-Pokemon game they made after Pokemon (IDK if any of their pre-Pokemon games did well in Japan, where most were exclusive to)

  14. As one of those few people who still plays his Wii u on and off, I can say for me I didn't buy any of the Metroid games cause of dread but due to the fact Nintendo has yet to have all the Metroid games easily available on one console, and there no guarantee they will fix this(especially for prime) seeing how the Wii u has a good amount of the games I decided to just get them. So yea its not all due to dread coming out lol

    Also blame Arlo for his video about the Metroid games too for making me also get them

  15. I worked as a tester at Nintendo from 99-03. It's great to revisit some of the titles I worked on, even if it's the discovery of errors we didn't find.
    I tested Fusion and never noticed the graphical glitch. (Not-so fun fact: a copy of Fusion managed to be leaked online sometime after testing for it had completed, and though a culprit was not officially found, an employee in the Lotcheck department (another department I worked in) was fired because of it (though he was a very trustworthy co-worker and declared innocence). Nice to see that it didn't harm sales that much, even after all this time. I really enjoyed testing it.
    I also tested Super Mario Advance 1 & 2. I've never heard the laughs before, but I presume they could've been used in a minigame or cutscenes that were scrapped. The world map bug is bizarre. I don't think any of us would've thought to perform those inputs while in the menu, and I'm kinda surprised it was found at all.
    At some point (presumably after a controversy, but maybe after Justin Bailey), Nintendo implemented a game submission rule that required all password systems in games made for their consoles exclude vowels, but I don't recall them ever requiring they provide a list of passwords or cheats. What happened with Ratatouille is a shocker – if the ESRB knew about this, they would've pushed to have the passwords changed or removed. Neither entity spends time looking at submitted code unless they're advised to or a lawsuit is involved, so they had no reason to think about elements that aren't shared with the user.

  16. this is not an unfinished portrait of goku they used it in legacy of goku 2 for the opening chapter of gohan its just reused

  17. Could you guys make a video about the ys's series?
    It's a series of great rpgs and popular for their 'ys8 lacrimosa of dana', i think a lot of people would like it.

  18. Super star saga has always always always been one of my favorite games ever.

  19. Hmm fps sacrifices for graphic would be better. Some people doesn't matter play with 24 fps but with fsr assist to smooth the game 🤔

  20. yo learn how to fucking pronounce Aonuma, holy shit dude.

  21. This made me wanna get an SP. Excellent content as always

  22. The Gameboy Advance will always be my favorite Gameboy!!

  23. Interesting timing for a video about GBA games…

  24. I have a feeling this is even more relevant now!!! 😅

  25. this dropped suspiciously near the nintendo switch online gameboy and gameboy advance reveal

  26. 23:56 No no, you misunderstand what these passwords are: these are blacklist passwords to prevent unintentional profanity. You see, passwords are generated according to the current game state… which can lead to unintentional profanity. Naturally, the game performs a lookup on this blacklist and, if the generated password is unsafe, a new password is generated using a different algorithm/checksum. Imagine submitting a game to ESBR for an E rating cert and your game generating a password like B1TCH4$$MUT4FVCK4.

  27. The GBA is such an amazing console. I still think it has the best pixel art of all console generations, i just love it

  28. Funny how that Minish Cap thumbnail was the very first thing that was shown in the NSO GBA trailer a week ago.

  29. I found ages so difficult as a kid! This is so Interesting

  30. The “best things come in three” shoutout to Valve for half-life 3🙏🙏🙏

  31. 1:51 yes, but Zelda also has yet to return to a new 2D game that isn’t based on a pre-existing game. Minish Cap was the last of its kind.

  32. Excuse me sir, but I would like more Kamen Rider references in my video games please.

  33. in the first battle in pokemon r/s/e if the opponent manages to get high rolls on attacks you can* lose. After losing you white out but once out of the battle screen the sequence with prof. birch starts normally like nothing happened

  34. Who else thinks Kinstone Fusion should be in Tears Of The Kingdom?

  35. I heard that apparently the reason they changed legacy of goku 3 to buu's fury is because the second legacy of goku didn't sell too well. DBZ fans swarmed over legacy of goku and found it to be a shit game so when the second one came out people were reluctant to buy it cause they assumed it would be just as bad as the first one to avoid this they named the third game buu's fury hoping to draw the fans back in

  36. I've seen the "unfinished portrait of goku" ,I swear I have. I THINK that was the picture they used for Gohan's nightmare of Goku and Frieza in LoG2 .

  37. The adv move soft lock just happened to me since superstar saga came to switch, thankfully it has that neat little rewind feature. Thanks @didyouknowgaming.

  38. Minish Cap is probably the best handheld Zelda made, so many amazing elements that fit so well together, the keystones omg the keystones….

  39. Its always amazing to see how misguided and stupid Nintendo is. Kinstones, we MUST have a character who can explain things, etc. Hilarious that they struggled with Pokemon. Even the devs thought the game was boring.

  40. I would love a new final fantasy advanced for the switch. Same style, just with good graphucs (and maybe some new jobs)

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