Game Boy Advance Backlight Mod Tweak and Final Results -

Game Boy Advance Backlight Mod Tweak and Final Results

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The final video about the Game Boy Advance backlight mod. I finally got the screen to look decent; here’s how I did it.

If you haven’t seen it, here’s where we began the journey:

…and my subsequent follow-up:


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  1. I did this mod and love it, but for the price of screens now I'm not sure it's worth it anymore. If you can find a broken SP with a working AGS-101, it's worth picking up to do this mod.

  2. I messed up, REALLY BAD. Is there anything i can do? I took it apart looking for the pot screw. There are 3 screws on the motherboard attatching it to the front of the shell. Im really tired and stressed so I mistook the pot screw for the 3rd screw. I messed up the plus sign divet and THE TOP OF THE SCREW CAME OFF!!! Theres a little of the stem sticking out still. Is there ANYTHING I can do about this? Or am I fucked? Can anyone please help?

  3. i would love to have one of those
    but i dont have the money to do it

  4. +This Does Not Compute i did this mod followed your installation guide got everything in and working (sort of), the screen looked washed out and adjusting the trim pot made weird lines appear on the screen and made the brightness fluctuate kept at it for 2 days eventually got tired and was on the verge of throwing in the towel, then i went on the forums and saw some solutions so i tried them out and sure enough every thing was up and running properly. would like to say thanks for making such a informative guide and continue making videos.

    my solution i did to get my screen working proper: 2 point on the motherboard needed to be jumped with wire RECV to GND and V2 to 103 ( 40pin model )

  5. Hey collin, I love your channel. At some point can you please do a video on the rechargeable battery mod? I'd love to do it, but your tutorials are the most informative and helpful. Thank you

  6. Playing games badly has been done to death. Keyword DSPGaming.

  7. I have a 40 pin gba and a 32 pin gba sp could I make this work?

  8. It turns out that there are two different AGS-101 screens that were available, one with a brown tab and one with a white tab. The folks over at the mod retro forums did some testing and found that the combination of game boy and screen you have affects your results. The 32 pin model works beautifully with the white tabbed screen, and looks dim and grainy with the brown one, which is actually the combination you have. Conversely, the 40 pin model works beautifully with the brown tabbed screen, but looks overly bright and washed out with the white one, although this can be rectified with a mod. I have a 40 pin with a brown tab screen so mine always looked gorgeous, I did have to adjust the trim pot sill, though, as the screen did show an interlace effect on its factory setting.

  9. I just finished this mod and I'm curious, is anyone else experiencing a ghosting effect? Any game I plug in, if there's an blank area on the screen, it shows very lightly what was very recently shown on screen. It's only mildly annoying. Like, I can learn to live with it, but I'm just curious if anyone else is experiencing this.

  10. it's 2016 and i'm about to do one of this mod. It also my first GBA original because my first handheld system is SP-"front light" which was stolen 5 years ago. Now it's hard to find ribbon cable and the screen go expensive. I also dont live in china or US so can't buy those easily. I wish i know about it sooner and it will be easier. Luckily i asked a man who did this mod for sell in 2015 and he said he would help. Too long cmt huh, Just want to share my excitement and say that your tutorial is helpful to me and hope i can make my GBA mod work. XD XD XD. Subscribed man! (Y)

  11. good video man. I just got an ags 101 from a friend and I am considering doing this mod, also thanks for the guide for building it, really helpful. 🙂

  12. +This Does Not Compute I moded my gba right of the bat it was good but i fot the ribon cable that has the adjustment for the light. the dial does work when i try going brighter light but I believe maybe due to sodering to d2 instd of d1. overall I love it the gba mod due to having big hands.

  13. Here's a fix if you have an image retention/ghosting problem after doing this mod and jumping REVC to ground: The problem is that you have the older ribbon cable, 40-pin GBA and a backlit screen with white connector.

  14. I was about to get the new kit but looked though your library of videos(only been subscribed for a few months) and found the other gba video and hesitated for a bit. But this sure proves if you fiddle around a little bit you can get way better results. I will try this out, I think it can be worth it. Thanks for the info!

  15. Why did the wire change from red to blue?

  16. i want that screen so bad where did you buy it

  17. hey man love your videos. I was wondering if you knew anything about the rechargeable mod for these, as I can't find tutorials on it. also, if you're still interested there's more info on backlighting now, and mine that I just recently made looks much better than the ones done back in 2014. you could a much better quality job done today if you're still interested.

  18. I did this mod as well, but I noticed the screen now drains a lot of power. About 350 ma instead of 100 ma for the original GBA.
    Any tip on what to do to lower the huge power consumption ? Thanks !

  19. I removed 5 mainboard components with an iron to get my white ribboned backlit screen to work perfect. Basically a couple resistors to up the voltage. There's a German site that had the mod done the way I did it. No artifacts, no ghosting. Looks a lot brighter than yours.

  20. i did this mod after finding a sp 101 model for 20 dollars and i bought the ribbon adapter separately on ebay for 15 dollars my gba came out fine.. also I would recommend this to others who dont have alot of experience taking systems apart.

  21. Are you going to give this GBA the 12v mod to make the screen achieve it maximum brightness.

  22. I got really lucky with my kit. The screen looked absoloutely amazing straight away, really bright, no ghosting or grainyness. If anything it’s probably a little too bright but I daren’t tamper with it for fear of ruining it.

  23. First off, look at the power source. The AGS-101 rechargeable battery is 3.7 volts. The GBA you have uses two 1.5 volt AA batteries in series, giving you only 3.0 volts. That’s why you had to adjust the screen voltage on that pot.

  24. I want to do this mod, but the problem is, I think I'll mess up on it and the fact that buying a pre-modded one is expensive.

  25. Do you need a AGS-101 Screen?

  26. What would happen if you didn't sodder the wire onto the mother board? I just did the mod myself and realised i dont have sodder..

  27. What I think is wrong, is you probably got a 40 pin rather than 32, cuz I noticed that yours was a 32, notice if u take the batteries out there’s a number and I’m pretty sure the first number is 1, so you might want to check that.

  28. Would you reccommend this or frontlighting more?

  29. If you have multiple agb 001 models. Do it, sell the extras. So worth it.

  30. 32 pin connector use white tab lcd. 42 pin uses brown tab lcd. 32 pin boards and brown tab LCDs are now rare. So most people get 42 pin boards and white tab and the video is bad. There is a mod for 42 pin and white tab lcd.

  31. wow, my ags-101 mod was super simple, worked the first time, image looks fantastic (Vetter then yours) and i didnt even have to bother with tuning the screen

  32. help I accidentally turned the thing too much and now I can't even find the original position ;-;

  33. I wish you could do this mod on my GBA that would be a awesome birthday gift and Christmas gift

  34. Can this help make the frontlight mod look better?

  35. What size screw driver? Because it's not a Philip's #00

  36. Hey, I tweaked the potentiometer and the brightness got corrected but there is an interlaced effect/screen tear that appeared. Could someone guide me how to reset the potentiometer to factory setting or normal, is there a way for it?

  37. Sorry my friend this does not work for me at all your video was a total waste of time

  38. If I mail you mine and pay you , can you mod mine for me ? 😅

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