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Game Boy Accessories – Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

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Another selection of accessories receives a good thorough look from the Nerd. This time, it’s a collection of accessories for the Game Boy, including good ones – like the Game Boy Camera and the Game Boy Printer – bad ones, and even a patented one that was aimed for use in hospitals. This is Angry Videogame Nerd episode 147


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  1. Those faces from the can addon were suposed murderers. And there is also a sad face but that is the guy that got killed by the 3 or 4 happy faces. Aka the murderers

  2. The fact it plays games is like a secondary feature.

  3. everytime i see the word nerd, i get frustrated.

  4. Fun Fact: You could also use the gameboy printer in Pokemon Red and Blue because (I think) when you complete the pokedex you get a certificate and you can use the printer to print out the certificate.

  5. The Game Boy had Power Banks before power banks were a thing.


  7. This keeps popping up in my recommended and i keep watching it. HOW CAN I KEEP WATCHING THIS?!

  8. I got an STD product as a birthday present one year in Tijuana.

  9. My mom still plays tetris on her gameboy. In 2021.

  10. Lol love how when he shows the sound with the booster being too loud there isn't any batteries in it.

  11. I'm sorry nerd but toy at the begin of the video just passed from popularity i'm sorry nerd

  12. There was a Gameboy with a backlight, but it only released in Japan

  13. its videos like these that make me want youtube to put in a feature that tells you how many times i’ve watched a specific video.

  14. Came back to this video and realized the Gameboy was discontinued a year before my birth (born 2004 and Gameboy discontinued 2003)

  15. I have a working transparent Game Boy but I only have two games. I should get some more. Maybe

  16. Nerd every wire carries electricity but not every wire carries signal

  17. I think the Game Boy just had an inherently superior design. Those landscape-oriented handhelds had almost uniformly horrible designs and more importantly, bizarre button layouts, and IMO that's the reason none of them really had any success in comparison with the Game Boy.

  18. Imagine attached all all of the addons together…..

  19. 10:33 "Fight a Game Gear"

    A new episode of Console Wars has been leaked! Jk lol

  20. The 4 player adapter is like those events in MMOs that require 4 people with specific equipment and you have to read about it somewhere to know it exists

  21. I can't believe this video is already 4 years old

  22. I had a friend who had the last one and everything heavy to us is light to him

  23. the hand boy looks like a incomplete version of the booster

  24. I̵͕̭͌͐ ̶͈̜͆͐̈W̵̝͒Ä̵̞͔́Ń̶̳̞̀͊̈͜Ṋ̷̢̆A̷̡͇̭͙͐̕ ̵̰̮̖͋B̸͕͓̉͐͝E̸͔̅̽ ̶̥͋̐̈Ṣ̶̢̊͛È̷̱͇̭͆͘D̶̢̘̒̍͝A̴̭̗̖̫͐T̶̫̼̙̀́́͘E̶͈̤̟̐͊͝D̵̡̲̲̜́ ̵͎̮͚̤̂́̈́͐W̷̼͑I̶̺̣̹̞̍̏T̶͇̐̔͝͝H̴̠̟́͜ ̵̪͈̖̅͌̃͝A̷̠͉̒ ̵̹̞͕̎͜G̶̢̝͈̓̓̇A̵̪͂M̵̤̰͒̿̾͜͝E̷̫̭̞̠͂̕B̶͇̓͘Õ̵̰͚͊͠͝Y̶͖͇̖̕

  25. The device may seem silly, but the gameboy sedation device at 15:00 seems similiar to many contemporary Children's sedation devices: gamify a procedure and calm a patient before making them go under. They've especially helpful for children who are hyperactive. One similiar one I've seen make it seem like you're blowing into a balloon.

  26. Nerd: I WANNA GET SEDATED WITH THE GAMEBOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. The gameboy was replaced with the DS, which was replaced with the 3DS, which was replaced by the Switch.

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