Galaga & Galaxian playing on the Game Boy -

Galaga & Galaxian playing on the Game Boy

Steve Benway
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Gameplay and commentary from Galaga & Galaxian playing on the Game Boy retro handheld video games console.

Big thanks go to Stew, ninjabearhug, for very generously donating this game.

“It’s not a walk-through, play-through, review… anything like that. It’s just me, playing the game… badly… so you can see what it looks like.”

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  1. I'm pretty sure galaga was not the first arcade game in color

  2. 5:09 Game was definitely blurry; Aaron Curtiss of the Los Angeles Times called Galaga / Galaxian "almost impossible to play" and advised to "[s]kip [the games] unless you have [a] Super Game Boy."

  3. I have all 5 of the arcade Classic GB compilations and this is the best by far! Plays lovely! I played it with a better color scheme on my Gba sp, don't know if you're aware but if you hold different button combos down on the sp it gives you different colour sets inc one that looks like original GB :). There's a graph online somewhere, google it 😉

  4. I've always known that older Gameboys had somewhat blurry, washed out visuals, but seeing the comparisons one after the other here really does a good job of illustrating the differences in the hardware.

  5. Galaga was one of the first arcade games I played period as a infant. Funny thing is this game was at my fathers friends pizza restaurant. He set it to free play to allow me to play the game as we waited for the pizza to cook. Mind you these pizzas were amazingly yummy. Anyway I just remember it well because the whole time my dad held me in his arms because there was not a chair I could stand on to play it. After 15 minutes he got tired of that shit quick and eased me down. So I had to use the finger tips of my hands to keep playing. Which after about 5 minutes later I lost. Then gave up. The pizza came , we ate it, and I left.

  6. The capture went quite well on the Black and White Pocket considering it seemed to have a bit clump of dust on the screen that didn't look like it cleaned off.

    It would be intreging to see some monochrome games running in their true green form monochromes on the Gameboy DMG/Original/Green I must admit.

    Edit: We saw all 3 Gameboys in action. Love it all 3 gameboy pallettes in action on the 1 monochrome game.

  7. I loved the Speccy version of Galaxians (the Arctic one I think), although on a recent playthrough, it's not as good as I remember it. Still decent, mind.

  8. I used to play Galaga in the beginning of Tekken 1.

    Namco were really cool when they used to do this with their games.

  9. Nice to see a comparison across various screen types; the clarity of the GBA SP is startling vs the original!  Do you think you'll do the same for the other GB games, or is it special love for Galaxian?

  10. Wow I forgot just how awful the original GB screen was! I would guess that screen has degraded quite a bit over the last 20+ years though? It looked beaaauuutiful on the GBA by comparison.

  11. Love Galaga, not played much Galaxian. I remember a lot of these type of games on the Gameboy like asteroids/missile defense.  Recording this must have been brutal.

  12. I've got this too, and yes it really is excellent.

  13. I've got this too, and yes it really is excellent.

  14. GBA is such an awesome little machine for the original gameboy library. Especially the 101 that you're using here. Great conversion of the coin op too.

  15. This game along with the one with Defender and Joust on it was one of the very first games I bought for my Gameboy Colour. They really are very good versions of the arcade games.

  16. Awesome video Steve, and I'm a Galaga fan myself, as it was one of the earliest arcade games I could remember playing as a kid, having too sit on a tall bar stool in order to reach the controls I was so small lol! 

  17. Nice HD video of the good old dot matrix screen! You're preserving this in ways that emulators don't.

    I love how the pixels cast shadows on the GB and GBP semi-reflective LCD backing, it creates some kind of 3d effect.

  18. I've never been a big fan of Galaxian but I really like Galaga. I guess Galaxian is one of the games you would of had to of played back in the day to fully appreciate.

  19. The music to Galaga used to incise me in at the arcades, then I was hooked.

  20. I still play Galaxian these days, emulator I'm afraid. I was obsessed with this game back in around 1982 on a trip to the Isle of Man. It was in our hotel, I would either play it or just stand and stare at the demo. Local pub installed a table top version a few years back, how gutted was I when I realised it was some type of modded version where about 7 enemies would swoop down at once. 

  21. The earliest game I remember that was colour was super breakout in 78 and that was at least a year before I had even heard of Galaxian

  22. Galaxian was one of my top 3 favorites in the arcades as a kid, I'll have to find a port of it for one of the newer consoles now.

  23. Is it a possibility if you could a few game reviews on the Tomy Tutor please? I've seen some footage of a few games on the system and they look pretty good. Do you have or ever played a Tomy Tutor?

  24. just discovered your wonderful channel Steve , been glued to all your vid's for the last few days great stuff!

  25. Have you ever played Space Invaders Infinity Gene? (available on Android) think it would be right up your street as it's like this with a bit of Rez thrown in. It's a real spectacle once it's gets going. 

  26. Pretty cool Gameboy game 😀
    Two great arcade games from Namco… on a single cartridge for GB 🙂
    Unfortunately, I never had a chance to play the real arcade versions of these two games, but I played these two games a lot on a pirated Famicom multicart, back in my childhood, and really liked these two games (in fact, you even showed them in your Mega Arcade Action 99-in-1 multicart video) 🙂

    Also, I am not sure if you are aware of this or not, but if you play this game on Super Gameboy for SNES, you get a custom board, and a custom color palette, which I find kind of interesting. But, given the fact that this is the GB game from 1995, it's to be expected that you get some Super Gameboy enchancements, when you play it on SGB for SNES. 🙂

  27. The colors are ugly when this cartridge is played on the GBA.

  28. This… looks kind of awful. Like, worse than the NES ports. The sound, though, is spot-on.

  29. Wow. tis brought back memories. I came here from a video about the first color game, and graphics in games. And wow. I came across galaga. And I thought, didn't I play that? And then I came here, via a search engine. Thanks for this. Makes me almost wanna pick me old GB from its old storage.

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