From JUNK to the ULTIMATE Game Boy Pocket - Repair and Restoration Part 2 -

From JUNK to the ULTIMATE Game Boy Pocket – Repair and Restoration Part 2

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who needs glasses when you have ips screen replacements for game boys

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▶Features the following videos

How to Remove or Fix Dead Pixels or Screen Cancer on a Gameboy Pocket
Hey! It’s Andy

GAME BOY Pocket IPS LCD Kit (Funnyplaying) Installation Guide
Retro Modding

Finally – A Gameboy Color Backlight Mod!
The 8-Bit Guy

CCFL Backlight

▶Music used
xyce – sea side blues
Kalachnikov – Mental delivrance
DualTrax – orion crackmusic
BRD Keygen #4.wav
BRD RinjaniSoft Products Universal
xyce – Jet stream


  1. Every 2 weeks Of New MattKC Videos for bravo's sake. why would you do that?

  2. It occurs to me that I have a beaten up gameboy ds, a gameboy sp, and a host of game I haven't touched in many years

  3. Thankfully my Game Boy Pocket screen is in great shape. It does have a factory defect where there is some “ghost lines” as I call them in certain scenes, basically there is faint vertical lines that line up with breaks in the pixel art like at the ends of a text box or something similar. They go from top to bottom of the screen, but aren’t very noticeable. I’ve read that most Game Boy Pocket screens are effected by this and a replacement screen Paul likely have the same issue. I also read that the problem happens even when the screens were brand new.

  4. love how seemingly the whole worlds listens to jcs while doing stuff

    btw jcs has a second channel under the same name, even more vids on that channel

  5. 4:44 Laslo – Supernova starts. A man with socks and sandals appears!
    Wild LTT appeared!

  6. Tbh I don't think case mods should be done on original cases. Aftermarket only 😂

  7. As Chad Warden also said, "The Wii? Come on man it looks like a dedicated knob"

  8. What an awesome mod. MattKC will always be one of my favorite creators.

  9. What a God damn terrible colour for a GB I'd guessed not original never seen it before

  10. It good to see you doing hardware mods and fixing broken things

  11. I wish you made longer videos! I love your voice, and I can fall asleep to your vids. Just love the content anyways. Keep it up!

  12. Such a bizarre choice not to do the battery, not ultimate at all

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