From JUNK to the ULTIMATE Game Boy Pocket - Repair and Restoration Part 2 -

From JUNK to the ULTIMATE Game Boy Pocket – Repair and Restoration Part 2

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who needs glasses when you have ips screen replacements for game boys

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▶Features the following videos

How to Remove or Fix Dead Pixels or Screen Cancer on a Gameboy Pocket
Hey! It’s Andy

GAME BOY Pocket IPS LCD Kit (Funnyplaying) Installation Guide
Retro Modding

Finally – A Gameboy Color Backlight Mod!
The 8-Bit Guy

CCFL Backlight

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  1. Such a bizarre choice not to do the battery, not ultimate at all

  2. Welcome front lol

    It looks like a fungus, screen fungus? Screen-conway's game of life? Screen localized contiguous cascade pixel failure? Lol. I have no idea whats going on there, but in terms of algorithm it looks like the pixels are dying contigiously, that is they die because they are in contact with other dead pixels, resulting in that connected squiggle pattern. Given the gaps in the middle it seems like the likelihood of killing a pixel from 2-4 surrounding dead pixels is not significantly higher than that of just 1 surrounding dead pixel. Could pretty easily code that and see if it generates similar shapes, not that that would help lol

    It also seems to act much like an air bubble under a screen protector, maybe its something like that? Screen film separation would probably beget more nearby separation, and perhaps its on such a low level that it can interact with the physical pixel delineations?

  3. Looks like somebody ran Conway's Game Of Life, left it on for 1-3 days and threw it away.

  4. hey matt, i love the new olive 0.2 update, but the nodes are slightly too complex for me. could you make it so the traditional version is there, and the nodes are an advanced option? that would be great thanks

  5. "I remember now! My foe is LINUSTT"
    As an avid fan of both you and LTT I like the reference

  6. After watching a GreatScott video about overclocking an Arduino and a Gameboy Color…

    Maybe you could install an 8MHz crystal and a switch to change between the two

  7. Why am i just now seeing this 10 days after it came out?

  8. So I binge all of your electronics Videos.

  9. I love these videos! Repairing old electronics is just so cool to me, keep it up!

  10. I once found an old og game boy in the trash and did the same thing to it, it's such a great device to have…

  11. "Welcome.. ffffront.." I laughed way to hard at this

  12. "oh yeah, now i remember! his name was Linus Tech Tips" okay then, Matt

  13. You should make a video modchipping the og xbox

  14. can you add bluetooth support for the stadia controller lol

  15. The first nintendo console i had is a special edition animal crossing new horizons switch, but i planned to collect a nintendo ds first but i wanted to collect newer ones first before the older ones.

  16. Gameboy pocket should be called pocket boy

  17. mine has a backlit screen with the select + b + a menu

  18. I watched the wii video, wii u one, power supply n64 one and Xbox capacitor one…
    I’m hittin that bell

    Mmmm backlit led screen

  19. how to turn a gameboy pocket into a better gameboy light

  20. I don't know how i found you, but i like your Videos.

  21. You should make the pocket into a gameboy color there mods for it

  22. “So you don’t have to worry about dust or fingerprints getting in”
    >peels protector off slow enough for all the dust in the universe to get in

  23. I still got a fully functional Gameboy pulocket from the first generation in that Grey tone

  24. He was watching JCS? So then this video must surely be sponsored by And One

  25. You really need to let YouTube know that they’re not entirely notifying your subscribers when you upload. Again thanks YouTube….

  26. That screen looks pretty snazzy. Now imagine them doing an OLED version 😀

  27. PLEASE do part 3 for the chargeable battery!!!

  28. I managed to find a Pocket of my own today, and the dead rot is just a teeny bit at the very top of the screen, so I can just ignore it and play, but man is it cool to have such a Piece of history

  29. The rival's name is LinusTT! Creator fight! Creator fight!

  30. he turned a game boy pocket into a gameboy advance sp

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