FORBIDDEN GAMES - Boy Mondragon -


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Please excuse the audio quality. Some sections of the vinyl are somewhat degraded.


  1. Very nice beautiful song. .by Boy Monragon…..

  2. Really that oldies is goodies…it reminds my teenage life…bring back memories

  3. Song that brings back the memories of my younger days. Happy to hear again that song. Thanks to the uploader.

  4. Bcos i love this song ,u know but sweeties…by Boy Monragon.

  5. The are all tangle so what i do i run away the best say nothing i just cry the know what the doing just stay and quite hhh amen

  6. Thank you for aploading this song becuase I'm relaxing.

  7. I do respect myself firt's i of all i am be honest person i am happy go lucky person my passion's is Love and singing's make me happy i am attracting yo people's i was lucky when i was born i am a healer too

  8. Thank you idol for your song becuase I'm relaxing.

  9. Not a game is…Just find the right place…God understands and his aim is happiness for all…Dont be sad…Quarrel and quarrel and roll the barrel…Unfold the towel and ring the bell…Track the panel and swell to mill…Hill and hill and seal with an oozing honey of appeal…So sweet, so good!!!

  10. I dobg want any one the all,tangles peoples m agbet the atterct me thank you anen peace

  11. This I s my favorite song part o f my life thank you

  12. I want 2 sing that song I be loving you's okay ?

  13. It was our theme song of my long lost bf..unfortunately he marry his kababayan..and we never met til now..

  14. I will misssd u My love 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  15. Salamat po sa sa pg apload ninyo song na ito nakakarelax.

  16. I'm one of the fans of Boy Mondragon last days until now I'm looking for his songs thanks you sent his songs
    I have a request I want Granada song of Boy Mondragon he is my brother in Christ thanks

  17. Boy where are u now you have a beautiful voice

  18. Is the performer still alive? I think he is now a Senior Citizen.

  19. I remember my high school days. Where is the performer now?

  20. I like this song forever & the singer is my favorite singer

  21. Thank you YouTube for the mixes made for me I am so happy and overwhelmed to listen my favorites songs reminiscing the past…I love you YouTube…

  22. thank you sir your nice song I love it always

  23. lgi kung pinatutogtog pra s pinsan kung c annie sablad.

  24. That is my history.i am.glad am.out that show to much for 7 years look a like knife heart i am happy now..

  25. This from me moremy music's thank you Paul
    Later thank you

  26. That kind of love is hurting and full of pain. Walang pagasa. All is wishful thinking nalang. No matter how much you love the person. Sarili an mu nalang ang love mo. Masakit. If both have partner in life. This is my opinion, I don't know to others.

  27. Marvelous background featuredby this nice 👍 song

  28. Ok ka talaga, kabayan…kung wala ka, di na namin madidinig ang mga awitin noong araw na bihira ng patugtugin sa mga radio station…salamat.

  29. Oh yes! I can still pluck this song on my guitar.
    Thanks for posting.

  30. Napaka-sarap pakinggan dahil nagugunita ko ang sarap at ang hirap noong 1970's sa Pinas…after a long and hard work in the fields punta kami nang ka-tropa at ka-trabaho sa restaurant na na may jukebox at Boy Mondragon music agad ang aming pipiliing patugtugin….with that ang HIRAP ay unti-unting nawawala.   SALAMAT limva 123 sa post mo.

  31. ano ba Limva??patyon ko sa kamingaw..hehe joke

  32. this and his song "rain" and other filipino originals worth of inetrnational recognition are supposed to be preserved and remastered , thanks for uploading

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