FORBIDDEN GAMES - Boy Mondragon -


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Please excuse the audio quality. Some sections of the vinyl are somewhat degraded.


  1. this song was always requisted by the listeners of dyro station in Roxas city capiz; my family and friends in mambusao ..till we meet again I missed u all

  2. Ngayon ko lang narinig 'to .
    Galing ah .

  3. Anong edad po ni boy mondragon Nung ne record Niya ang awiting to.

  4. sarap pakinggan paulit ulit this is one of my favorite ever since. thanks for uploading

  5. Voice of singers before was truly fantastic..

  6. Because this is the original version of the song before they played to a guitar until they have the version in piano. Since this song is so beautiful to listen in the instrumental version. So beautiful. The melody alone is so magical.

  7. It was one of my favorite song. Thank for uploading here in YouTube. I really appreciate it so much. I was so young when this song was so popular and the singer as well.

  8. DXMS station ng Cotabato…ko"to
    Laging maririnig tuwing uwi an ng
    Klase 3rd yr po ako noon…it can
    Never be mine" 8 only cause PAIN..

  9. A very beautiful version of forbidden games

  10. I like ths song so much it gves me energy ..

  11. Love this song and the lyrics. So touching.

  12. Forbidden games song,
    Reminds me when I was growing up in the southern Philippines. At the midst 60’s era to the 70’s we only have a transistor radio.
    Good enough to gather world news.
    And listening to music and songs.I used to sing along with the radio. I have a little song hits book with me too. I climbed up the tree and I sang upon the top of the tree, I disturbed the monkeys.
    lol so so fun.
    My favorites songs are,
    Rain. Forbidden games.
    Kiss me kiss me.candida and
    Only you.

  13. This is very beautiful interpretation. I also like very much the French movie "Forbidden Games" of which this melody is. I have DVD.

  14. So beautiful song..makes my tears fall..I love this nice song and the awesome voice of the singer

  15. Robin De Guzman
    Music Lovers Mula Noon Hangang Ngayon

  16. Ka-edad ko ang singer na"to,…Boy Mondragon, nalalakihan fo ang pagsikat n'ya.

  17. Ha ha ha ha, lots of memories that year, my father s was teaching me how to sing

  18. Eva Vivar also has a version of this old, old song.

  19. Boy Mondragon and Eddie Peregrina is my favorite singers in the 60's and 70's.

  20. Would appreciate if more details are including like date recorded, original singer or composers. Thank you.

  21. Iilan lang ang mga awitin ni boy M ngunit nagbibigay talaga ng mga alaala ng kahapon..thanks💚

  22. i was only 21 yrs old when i sing this in an amateur contest in our place , and that was 1971 ,,, now its 2020 im listening it , i just laugh

  23. Wow naalala ko si boy mondrago, ang galing talaga ng Boses nito, nakakapayapa ng dibdib.

  24. Hello JOHN..muli kong pinakinggan itong awit hndi upang maalaala mo yung utang mo na muntik kang maiyak. Happy listening friend💚JOHN

  25. Sana may kumanta ulit nyan sa mga singer ngayon

  26. Tagal kitang hinanap n kanta nandyan k lng pla my generation song hs p lng ako noon

  27. Lots of memories during my younger years.. A very nice song which brings back those peaceful times in the Phil.

  28. Asannakaya c boy mondragon ngayon paki publish Naman gusto ko sya na bata galing boses

  29. Ang quality ng boses nuon ng mga singers pang Laban tlga.. Boy Mondragon, Florance Aguilar, Nora Aunor… Pinaghirapan Nila bago mging sikat..

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